Fall Porch Cleaning in a Flash
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Kim Tritz
Monday, September 24, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine 53
  • Large Nylon Brush Head
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Dirty Porch Railings
  • Distilled Water

Project Steps


How can I be expected to start decorating for fall, when my porch railings are disgusting? I cannot! I mean, I definitely tried, but was then just staring at the grossness of the railing among beautiful heirloom pumpkins and mums and corn. No matter what gorgeousness I would have put up for fall, all I would have noticed would be the dirt and funk on those white vinyl railings.

Usually I scrub these things 2 or 3 times per year. Because I hate doing it. In the spring, I used a 5 gallon bucket of soap and water, wash rags, a hardcore brush type of mop we had in the garage, and our garden hose to scrub the deck, the front of the house, porch roof, and railings. It looked like a bazillion bucks when it was done, but we were soaked, gross, and exhausted. The decking and ceiling of the porch, as well as the siding were super easy...  those railings though. 

This time, I whipped out the HomeRight SteamMachine, with the large nylon brush attachment and the microfiber cloth... and was done cleaning the railings in about an hour.

Step 1

Prepare Steamer and Patio

After you have come to the realization your porch railings are horribly gross and are in need of a cleaning, grab your SteamMachine 53, and fill it up with water using the provided funnel and measuring cup.

Plug in that machine, and turn it on. During the 8 minutes it takes to build up the pressure and heat the water, you can prep your area by moving things out of the way if necessary.    

Step 2

Steam the Railings

Once the light goes off, you're ready to start. Pick an area to begin, and be sure you start at the top, and work your way down to the floor. I started at the top of the railing, pulled the trigger, and gently rubbed the nylon brush in circular motions.  

I did half the railing length at a time (about 3'ish), just to avoid an excess of dripping dirty water.

Step 3

Wipe Away Dirty Water and Residue

Once you've done a section, take that microfiber cloth, and wipe it down. Behold! Sparking clean! No scrubbing! Work your way around the railling, steaming then wiping clean. 

Step 4

Steam the Rungs

I worked my way around the top railing, then sat down to work my way through the rungs.

I didn't even "scrub" the rungs, I just wiped the brush down while steaming on the dirtiest sides (mine was the worst on the insides of these pieces, the front and backs weren't as bad), and hit the very bottom pieces lightly, and followed with a swipe of the microfiber rag. Then just scoot your way around the railing. 

Step 5

Enjoy a Clean Porch! 

Once you're done, if you notice any spots you missed, go back and visit them with more steam and the rag. Then step back and bask in the sparkling clean of your porch railing!

Visit Farmhouse Made for some more cleaning projects, as well as more 'after' photos of this porch project!!

Raillings not gross enough?  No worries, pin this for later! 

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