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Stacy Risenmay
Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Project Steps

Guest post by Stacy at Not Just a Housewife

I built a faux fireplace a few years ago and I have loved it. As I have slowly morphed my style, I found the fireplace was a bit too traditional. It needed a little facelift. I wanted it to be a bit more casual and rustic. I also needed it to be a bright white instead of a creamy warm white so it would match the new wall color. So I pulled out my Finish Max and went to work!

fireplace and reclaimed wood mantel  

Here is what it looked like before:

fireplace before  

I painted the gold part in the center black because I got a vintage gold love seat that goes next to the fireplace and it was a bit too much gold. I also added a new top made from reclaimed wood. I basically built a box that just lays down over the existing top. That way the modling stays and if I ever decide to go back to the other look, I just need to lift off the top. Before building the box I made sure and cleaned and sanitized the wood with my steamer

fireplace and reclaimed wood mantel  1  

It was a bit breezy the day I repainted it so I went ahead and taped off the whole black part. Normally I would not have worried about taping so much since the overspray is minimal with the Finish Max. using the finish max to paint fireplace  

Here is when I was all the way done painting. You can see that the paint only got on a little of the taped off portion.

overspray very minimal  

I love how it turned out! And spraying it was so much faster than hand painting it. Plus you get that SUPER smooth finish you just can't get with a brush.

fireplace makeover from traditional to rustic  

I am so happy with how it turned out and can' wait to finish updating the rest of my family room!

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