Fun Summer Dinners
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Hilary Erickson
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • ElectroLight Fire Starter
  • Bread dough
  • Hot dog sticks
  • Hot dogs

Project Steps


You know, sometimes you want to be "that" fun one -- not the one that's making broccoli casserole for the third time this month.  The one that does fun things, and shows her kids a good time. We had one of those nights last week and I thought I'd share.

The best part is that it is all REALLY easy -- and VERY doable.

Step 1

So, first you're going to build a fire -- or turn on your grill, or light some charcoal.


If you're doing a fire or charcoal it can sometimes seem daunting because you have to either 1) use a ton of lighter fluid (which, while fun, might not be great to cook your food over) or 2) Coax it along like a baby for some of your precious dinnertime prep.

The HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter changes all of that -- quick fire, easily done with no coaxing!  SUPER handy when you want a fun summer dinner!  This post is sponsored by the fire starter, and you'll see why I love it!

Step 2

Just plug it in, push the button and WHAMO -- FIRE!  It truly is just that simple.  No more coaxing, no more lighter fluid. A full fire in just seconds. 

Now that you have your fire you can get back to cooking. Get the full recipe over at Pulling Curls

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