Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready
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Larissa Haynes
Thursday, September 21, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • steam machine
  • Distilled water

Project Steps


Before winter sets in it's a great time to get your vehicle ready for all the muck and grime it may see through the season. Break out your SteamMachine and get the job done chemical free. It's easy, budget-friendly and so very effective. Let me show you how it's done DIY style.

Step 1

Before starting your vehicle deep clean with the steam machine, be sure to vaccum any loose debris and dirt up. Remove any floor mats, cup holders, emergency kits, etc. This will make the steam clean time more beneficial, and we all could use a quick clean-up, right?

Step 2

Fill your AutoRight steam machine using the provided measuring cup and funnel. Add small amounts at a time to ensure you don't over fill the machine. Once full, replace the cap tightly and press the button to see the orange and red lights both lit. You will hear your steam machine begining to heat the water. When ready, the red light will turn off.

Step 3

Decide where you want to begin and choose the correct attachment for the job. There are brushes for upholstery and others for harder surfaces, and also window and crevice tools too. 

Step 4

Once you've decided where to start, be sure to use your SteamMachine Accessory Bag to keep your parts organized for easy access while on the job. Nothing worse than searching around for that one part you need while you're trying to finish. Then, it's time to say goodbye to dirt and hello clean. I like to begin on the windows using the squeegee and then work my down to upholstery, then carpet.

Step 5

For the seat upholstery, there are several different tools to get in all the tight space or tackle hard to remove spots. My favorite is the fabric steamer for a general cleaning. Simply remove the squeegee and attach the fabric bonnet.

Step 6

Next, attach the fabric steamer to the straight adaptor and steam as much as needed. In a few passes I already see the dirt and grime coming out and makes my heart happy. 

Step 7

Now for the floors. Though we may try to keep our feet on the mats, inevitably there will be some extra filth that gets spilled or rubbed on our carpet. Easy-peasy to fix with the steam machine. Just hit with your wand and watch the dirt disappear. Use your cloth provided to wipe out the dirt and continue.

Step 8

Once the upholstery is done, time to move on to the vinyl and/or leather parts. I use the soft nylon brushes (gray) for leather and it always amazes me how it gets in the creases and cleans like noneother.

Step 9

Last, but not least, head to the exterior to give your rims, running boards, etc. a good clean using your stiff nylon brushes (black). You know those parts need it too.

Step 10

Time to step back and be proud of a job well done. Now you're ready for all that winter has in store for you. Be sure to empty and clean your steam machine before storing away. You'll be wanting to get a spring cleaning done before you know it and you want your machine in prime condition. 

Prepare your vehicle for winter with a deep cleaning steam clean

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