Getting ready for outdoor season
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Anika Gandhi
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine Model 53

Project Steps


Are you excited for spring? I am! For the last two months, we have had rain every few days. Yes… this doesn't compare to winter in the rest of the country and also, California definitely needed all that rain, but we are so ready to be able to spend time outdoors! Especially the kids - they are itching to play outside. Last year, I rescued a patio set from the curb with a makeover and built an outdoor coffee table to create a relaxing space to hang out. We enjoyed it and everything worked great until I forgot to remove the cushions and cover up the toys and the water table before the rains hit. What happens when things get soaked and hold water for 2 months? This -

Step 1

Clean the Furniture - The patio chairs, bench and table had a lot of dirt and mud and also some special “presents” from birds. For the table - I gave it a pass with the squeegee attachment which helped everything come loose. Then I wiped it down with a paper towel. For the rest of the furniture, I used a combination of squeegee and the jet nozzle too to get into the corners. It is amazing how simple steam can take off everything!

How to clean outdoor furniture

Step 2

Clean the outdoor Pillows - The pillows were muddy from the dust and rain. I am sure they also had mold in them. A couple of passes with the nylon brush attachment made a huge difference! They got sanitized with the steam too. Once they had dried overnight, they looked almost like new!

How to clean outdoor pillows

Step 3

Clean outdoor toys - Now let's talk about those toys. The play table sat in the rain and filled with water for 2 months... I know how you feel reading that... I was disgusted too... like I said, I was just waiting for the rains to stop before throwing it away. Good thing I waited! The small nylon brush attachment and the jet nozzle for the crevices helped clean up this disgusting water table in about 15 minutes! I just gave it a scrub with steam and then rinsed it with water. Just look at the difference on one side after cleaning. Can you believe I cleaned this off with just steam!! It is completely sanitized and no harmful chemicals used at all!

Step 4

Clean the grill - Any outdoor space is incomplete without a barbecue grill. I gave the inside of our grill a clean with the brass brush. The outsides got a quick steam with the squeegee tool and a wipe down.

Step 5

We are ready for the outdoor season. Just in time for the first warm weekend in a long time! You can bet there is going to be barbecuing involved. I can't even explain the look in the kids' eyes when they saw everything had been cleaned and they were free to play with any of the toys! The best part - no chemicals at all! With just steam, a little bit of scrubbing and 90 minutes, our patio went from really dirty to nice and clean and all set for outdoor season!

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