Handmade Holiday 2017 Ornament Gift Idea
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Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • Small Spray Shelter
  • DecoArt Paint
  • Foam Brushes
  • Twine
  • Wood Slices
  • Stencils
  • Eye Hooks

Project Steps


This year HomeRight is participating in the 7th Annual Handmade Holidays blog hop hosted by Smart Fun DIY by Jennifer Priest. This fun, holiday guide is a great way to get ideas for presents that you can create for loved ones. Today we want to share a unique, easy ornament project with you. We took wood slices and transformed them with the Super Finish Max paint sprayer. There are endless ideas for how you can create this project, which means that every ornament is bound to be unique!

Step 1

We started by gathering our materials. We purchased wood slices from Michael's craft store, twine, stencils, sponge brushes, and DecoArt paint. We also brought out our handy Super Finish Max paint sprayer and our Small Spray Shelter. The best part about this project is that you can use a variety of paints and stencils so choose whatever color and designs that you like best! 

Step 2

To start, we had to screw our eye hooks into the wood. We did this by hand, which took only a couple of minutes per wood slice. The gold eye hooks look amazing against the wood color!

Step 3

Our wood slices were made out of birch wood, and we were in love with the beautiful outer bark that you could see on the edges! To protect the edges, we taped off the sides, and put tape on the gold hooks too. 

Step 4

Next, we set up our Small Spray Shelter and prepared our Super Finish Max paint sprayer. The Small Spray Shelter is great for providing a safe, clean area for all of your crafting projects. The Super Finish Max is also a handy tool for painting because you can easily spray your paint and have more time for the fun stencil work! This paint sprayer lays down a smooth finish, which means there weren't any brush marks on our beautiful ornaments. For this project, we used the green spray tip and the black nozzle on the sprayer. 

Step 5

After spraying all of our wood slices on both sides, we leaned them against a piece of cardboard to dry before we did the stenciling. We let them dry overnight, but they probably would have been okay to paint again after a couple of hours (which is great if you have impatient children!)

Step 6

Once the wood slices were dry, we removed the tape on the edges and poured small circles of paint on a paper plate. The tape took off a little bit of the outer bark on the wood slice, but there was still plenty of beautiful birch underneath! Since it's the holidays, we decided to use gold, red, and green metallic DecoArt paint for our stencil work. 

Step 7

Now for the fun part....stenciling! We found these great stencils that had adorable, holiday phrases like "Joy", "Home", and "Believe". We did stenciled phrases on both sides of the wood slice, which means that you'll always have something to look at even if it turns or twists while on the tree. The paint also showed up great against the black background! We loved the gold paint the most. 

Step 8

Once you're all done painting, stenciling, and everything is dry, simply attach twine to your eye hook and tie a knot to easily hang your handmade ornament on a tree! We chose twine to keep with the rustic, outdoorsy theme, but you can also use ribbon. 

Step 9

When we finished all of our ornaments, we naturally wanted to set up our holiday office tree and decorate it! We used blue and white bulbs (which match perfectly with HomeRight colors!) and placed a pretty, white snowflake tree topper on top. The handmade wood slice ornaments matched perfectly with the rest of the tree! The gold lights shine off the paint beautifully too. 

Step 10

This wood slice ornament project was super fun, and would be a great project to do this holiday season! It would be the perfect handmade gift to give to a loved one, family member, friend, or make for your own tree at home. Creating these ornaments was also mess free, quick, and easy, which means it would be a awesome project to do with your children. We hoped you enjoyed this holiday gift idea! Happy holidays!

Scroll down and enter for your chance to win free prizes! Also be sure to check out some other great holiday gift ideas from the blog hop. 

Easy DIY Project: Handmade Wood Slice Ornaments Using Paint and Stencils

Handmade Holiday 2017 Ornament Gift Idea

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