Handmade Lattice Planter Box Project
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Anika Gandhi
Monday, July 2, 2018

Project Steps

The best part about DIY projects? You literally get to Do-It-Yourself! There are so many times when we go shopping for furniture or home decor and can't find the "right" piece for our homes. This is why Anika with Anika's DIY Life created this amazing lattice planter box! She wanted something with a lot of texture to decorate her patio area and this handmade planter box was the perfect option.

handmade lattice planter box

In just two hours, Anika managed to make this planter box from scratch. You can get the FREE PLANS HERE! Once your planter box is made, or if you have an old planter that you want to spruce up, now is time for the best part: painting the planter! For this project, Anika used the Super Finish Max paint sprayer.

How to make a diy outdoor planter box with a paint sprayer

After some debate, she chose to paint it a navy blue color. Since your planter will be outdoors, you should always use an appropriate outdoor paint/stain. You can also paint your planter box in a protective paint booth like the Large Spray Shelter or Small Spray Shelter to protect your surrounding area from overspray. 

Painting with the Super Finish Max paint sprayer from HomeRight

After a couple of coats of primer and paint, Anika had a gorgeous planter box! With all of the twists and turns of the lattice, this would have been difficult to paint with a paint brush, but Anika had the job done quickly thanks to the Super Finish Max. As a final touch, Anika added a potted fern to the planter box and placed the finished project in her patio. Now all that's left to do? Keep the plants alive! 

Painted handmade planter box by anikas diy life

Be sure to head to Anika's blog for the full details on this project and to read about more creative, fun ideas! 

DIY lattice planter box made with the super finish max paint sprayer from homeright

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