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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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If you’re in the market for a new steam cleaner for your home, you should give HomeRight’s SteamMachine Elite a serious look. Multi-functional and able to tackle a wide range of home cleaning needs, this unit packs a serious punch. Read below to see my review as I took the cleaner for a spin at my house.

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When you first pull the steam cleaner out the box, you’re met with a wide array of attachments. My mind first went to thinking about all of the possibilities that this unit could possess… I thought I was just getting a steam cleaner for my floors, but clearly I was getting a lot more.

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The SteamMachine Elite has a wide range of features and functions, including:

  • Tile, vinyl, linoleum, sealed hardwood
  • Garment
  • Bathroom/kitchen fixtures
  • Grease removal around grill/oven
  • Bathroom shower doors, walls, fireplace doors
  • Storage
  • Extender hose

Floor Cleaning

The first place I wanted to try out the SteamMachine Elite was to steam clean my tile floors. While this machine has a wide range of steaming features, this was the most important one for me.

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Setup was easy, and I didn’t have to spend long getting the proper length of my extensions hoses in prep for cleaning the floors. HomeRight makes this part easy, and you start to see why this steamer has so many functions – it’s easy to switch the unit around to adapt to exactly what you’re steam cleaning.

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Once the unit had heated the water and was ready to go, I started steam cleaning my tile flooring. I was instantly impressed with the sheer volume of steam that the machine put out. It was amazing to see, and an impressive display to say the least.

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A few specific features that I was impressed by as I steam cleaned my flooring:

1.The volume of steam was very consistent. This is a problem I’ve had with other steam cleaners – the volume of steam will change quickly, without any warning. This causes different parts of your floor to receive different amounts of steam than others, which means that some parts of your floor stay dirty. Not the case with this SteamMachine Elite.

2.There was very little water residue on the floor when I was done with a section. Other units I’ve used in the past will either “leak” or drip water during the cleaning process, or just leave a large film of water on the floor. This leads to puddles and a longer drying time, but I didn’t have this issue with the HomeRight unit.

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Overall, this machine cleaned my tile floors really quickly and easily. My downstairs is around 1500 square feet and this whole process took me less than 20 minutes.

Garment Steaming

Next up was to try the SteamMachine on steaming some of my shirts and sweaters. I’ve used smaller, handheld steamers in the past, so I was curious how a larger unit was going to compare.

Again, the sheer volume of steam that this unit produces means that you can make short work of your garment steaming. Make sure to hold the steam wand away from your clothing when you first engage the steamer, otherwise you’ll soak your first shirt or sweater!

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Steaming your clothes is a great option to replace ironing that is better for your garments over time. Now, with this SteamMachine, I can also see how it is quicker than ironing.

Pro Tip: Because of the solid flow of warm steam that comes out of this, using this steamer can also be a quick hack for cleaning undergarments, such as bras or undershirts. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to toss them into the wash, give them a quick steam to remove some of the germs or sweat.

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Shower Walls

We have large glass walls in our walk-in shower at home, and keeping them clean is an ongoing challenge for us. No matter what, even if we just cleaned them, they seem to be dirty again in a matter of days.

HomeRight provides a handy attachment that is a squeegee for cleaning glass. I first tried it out on the worst of our glass shower door, an area that was heavily built up with soap scum. After a couple of passes, there was a noticeable difference, although it wasn’t perfectly clean.

I tried in a different area of the shower, one that didn’t get hit with as much water and didn’t have as much soap buildup. In this case, after a few passes, the shower glass was spotless.

So, this SteamMachine Elite is an adequate option for keeping your glass windows and walls clean, provided you do an occasional deep clean to keep dirt and soap scum at bay.

Convenience and Easy Storage

One of the best parts of this steam cleaner is how handy it is, and how easy it is to store.

In essence, this steam unit mimics a canister style vacuum cleaner. You get the convenience of having the majority of the machine contained on wheels on the ground, which means you don’t have to lug around heavy equipment and the water that gets stored in the tank.

It also makes the unit a lot smaller and easier to store. If your closet space is at a premium, this is a great option. In the end, the wand coils up and wraps nicely, leaving this steamer no larger than a small box that you can fit in your closet easily.


HomeRight produced an impressive and powerful steam cleaner when it comes to the SteamMachine Elite. After using it across a variety of functions at my house, I would highly recommend this canister style steam cleaner for any home.

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This project was written by Allena with The Better Fit

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