Host an Impromptu Winter Party
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter
  • Source of Electricity
  • Dry Wood
  • Fire Pit
  • Old Blankets and Pillows
  • Snacks, Treats, and Hot Drinks

Project Steps


An impromptu outdoor winter party can be a fun idea, especially on a cold day when everyone is restless from staying cooped up and wants to get outside. My family loves it whenever we have a fire in the pit ,even when it gets chilly outside. There’s something about hanging out together, doing something completely different than what we normally do,and being outside together, even when the temperature starts to drop(though we do hit out limit at about 30 degrees!). It’s as easy as getting a fire pit ready to go, grabbing some old quilts and blankets for everyone to wrap themselves in, and having some treats and warm drinks on standby. Because the weather can fluctuate so much in the Midwest, we do keep some wood covered just for our fire pit, because otherwise the wood off the ground might be too wet when we needed it. 

Step 1

Gather some old blankets and pillows, and set up a safe area for your fire pit. Always keep anything flammable away at the recommended distance from your fire pit per manufacturer instructions. 

Step 2

Set up a place where you can keep your food and drinks. We have an old garden potting table we drag over, and set a tablecloth on. This way, the kids can grab their drinks and cookies, and we don’t have to run back and forth into the house. 

Step 3

Read all of the instructions on your HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter (or the NEW Electro-Torch if you have that). Prepare your fire pit with dry wood, and make sure to follow all of the safety steps. We used an outdoor outlet to plug the fire starter into. 

Step 4

Light your fire! The one thing I loved about using the ElectroLight Fire Starter, is that we didn’t have to mess with trying to light the kindling with balled paper and matches, which sometimes doesn’t always work the first time. We normally end up going through half a box of matches sometimes before we can get the fire going and stay lit. It was easy to use following the directions, and it was nice to have it light fairly quickly.We could see the embers glowing and then the flames just started! Easy!  It is important to follow directions for safe and proper storage after use.

Step 5

Enjoy your party! We kept our ElectroLight Fire Starter nearby  when the fire started to burn down, and we needed to add new kindling. It was nice again to not have to mess around with paper and matches to re-light! 

Step 6

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Learn how to throw an amazing, impromptu winter party in your backyard

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