How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine
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Rachel Teodoro
Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Project Steps

A washing machine, a dishwasher, and a shower are designed to make things clean so that means they don't need to be cleaned themselves, right? Wrong! Rachel Teodoro is on her blog today to share how she cleaned her front-loading washing machine. You'd be amazed by the amount of gunk, hair, and grime build-up that can accumulate in the nooks and crannies of your washing machine. Here's how she cleaned her washing machine in as little as ten minutes!

cleaning your washing machine

Rachel started by adding cleaning vinegar to her regular detergent tray. Next, she ran the washing machine on the "tub clean" cycle. If your washing machine doesn't have this setting, just choose the hottest setting. This will clean the inside of the washing machine. 

using vinegar in your washing machine

Next, Rachel brought out her SteamMachine 53 to thoroughly clean the rest of the washing machine. She used the different nozzle attachments to blast away grime and remove blockages. The SteamMachine is perfect for this job because it manages to kill up to 99% of bacteria without using any chemicals! Plus, the variety of attachments make it easy to effectively clean every surface. See all of that hair and gunk blocking the drainage area? Yuck!

cleaning your washing machine with a steam cleaner

steam cleaning a washing machine without chemicals

Rachel used the SteamMachine to clean the washing machine's door, drum, exterior, and soap dispenser. In all, this entire process took less than 10 minutes! So don't be intimidated by cleaning your washing machine. Instead, follow Rachel's steps and you'll have the job done in no time. For more information on this project, head to Rachel Teodoro's blog. 

using a steam machine to clean your washing machine exterior

how to clean a washing machine the easy way

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