How to Clean a Rug with Steam
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Monday, January 21, 2019

Project Steps

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your rugs? We usually just vacuum and spot clean our rugs, but that doesn't lift away the dirt and grime that is embedded in the fibers. We've found that the best way to clean a rug is with chemical free steam!

For this project, we used our HomeRight SteamMachine Elite. It has a carpet gliding attachment, which makes cleaning carpets and floors super easy. Here's how you use it:

Best way to clean an area rug without using chemicals

1. Set Up the Steamer

To get started, add 40 ounces of distilled water to your steamer and press the power button. When the steamer is ready to go, the orange light will turn off. In the meantime, attach the white cotton pad to the triangular mop head.

 How to Clean Carpets, Rugs, Floors, and More with a Chemical Free Steam Cleaning Mop

2. Attach the Carpet Glide

Next, put on the carpet glide attachment so that your steamer will be able to easily move across the carpet. This chemical free steam machine is also great for cleaning ceramic tile, linoleum, vinyl, marble, granite, sealed hard wood and stained concrete.

How to Clean Your Entire Home with Chemical Free Steam from HomeRight

3. Steam Away!

Now you can start cleaning! Simply move your steam machine slowly across your carpet or rug. The white cotton pad will pick up the dirt and grime as you move. You'll notice that the orange light on the steamer will turn on periodically as it builds up more steam, but you can still continue cleaning. 

The SteamMachine Elite can hold up to 40 ounces of distilled water, which gives you up to 45 minutes of continuous cleaning! We managed to have this small rug clean in just a few minutes. Cleaning is seriously almost fun when you're using a steamer!

How to Remove Dirt, Dust, Grime, and Gunk From Carpet by Using a Steam Mop

4. Marvel at the results!

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the white cotton pad managed to pick up a lot of dirt from the carpet! We are super happy with the results and glad that we now have a clean, refreshed rug to walk  on. 

There are dozens of other places in your home where you can use a SteamMachine. Check out this post to see "10 Things You Never Clean But Should"!

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