How to Clean and Paint Ceramic Tile
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Mary Hunnicutt
Monday, September 11, 2017

Project Steps


Tile floors aren't everyone's cup of tea. For people like Mary with Real Girl's Realm, sometimes the tile just has to go. In Mary's case, she decided that a nice paint job would cover the tiles nicely and give her floors a whole new look! The first step was cleaning and prepping the tile before applying the paint. 

Step 1

Mary started by vacuuming the tiles to remove any large debris. Then she brought out her handy SteamMachine to really give her tiles a thorough clean. The SteamMachine is great for these types of projects because it santizes AND cleans at the same time. Needless to say, these tiles were shining by the time Mary was done cleaning them.

Step 2

With freshly painted tiles, painting was a breeze! Mary stuck with a neutral gray color, but was debating on if she should add stencil patterns to her tile. What would you do? There's no limit to the possibilities!

For more details on this fun project, head on over to Mary's blog.

How to clean and paint ceramic tile with a steam machine and paint brush

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