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Ashley Phipps
Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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How to Clean Barn Wood
I love using reclaimed wood and barn wood for home projects, furniture and home décor.  Sadly, I often struggle to find good sources for it near me.  A couple years ago I came across a barn being torn down and I was able to salvage a beautiful barn door.  I cleaned it up and used it to make a gorgeous Industrial Barn Wood Table and oh my, I can’t even tell you how much I love working at this table every day! 
How to Clean Barn Wood
Since then I found a local antique and salvaged good place that had a huge stash of reclaimed wood and barn wood out back.  And by “out back” I mean there were piles of it scattered everywhere behind the building, underneath trailers, in piles, I felt like a kid in a candy store!  I had a few projects in mind that I want to use barn wood and reclaimed wood for, so I set about finding a few pieces that just called to me to bring home.  I ended up finding three gorgeous (and very different) pieces of wood that I fell in love with and I can’t wait to build some really great things with them.
When I finish my projects with them, I will definitely share them on my blog: Simply Designing, but before I even let them sit in my garage too long I really wanted to clean these up so they would be ready to use.  This wood had clearly not been cleaned and I had no idea what types of bugs could be in there or how dirty they really were.  So properly cleaning it was important to me.  
Today I am excited to share my tips and tricks for how to clean barn wood with you.  It is really easy, you won’t break your back with this method, and it is made so much easier by using a simple tool from HomeRight.
Even though this wood was dirty and I could tell it needed a really good cleaning, it was free of nails.  If there were nails in the wood, I would have needed to remove them or cut them off with a cut off tool.  It is never a bad idea to wear eye protection and a mask when working with old wood if you need to cut and remove nails etc. from it.
Washing barn wood with the easy wash stick cleaning tool from homeright 
After I got my boards home, I simply laid the wood on my grass and got to work.
I decided to use the HomeRight Easy Wash Stick to help me clean the boards.  What is great about this Easy Wash Stick is that I was able to fill it with water and get the boards wet while I scrubbed them!  
pulling water into the easy wash stick to clean barn wood
I began by filling a large bowl with water, and then placing the Easy Wash Stick into the bowl.  I pulled the handle back and the handle filled with water.  I gave my boards a quick scrub, front and back with the Easy Wash Stick and water.  
Cleaning barn wood with a scrub brush head
I didn’t want to take all the paint off of the boards or ruin the rustic look they had, so the Easy Wash Stick was the perfect tool for the job!  It allowed me to clean the boards while still preserving the natural rustic-ness of the boards.  It also meant that I could stand up while scrubbing the boards so I didn’t end up with a sore back or knees!
Submerging brush head in soapy water
I wanted to be sure that the boards were really clean, so after the initial scrub with water, I filled my bowl with soapy water and used my Easy Wash Stick to scrub them again with water.
Easy wash stick cleaning tool
I really love how easy the Easy Wash Stick was to use for both clean water and soapy water.
How to Clean Barn Wood
This really made cleaning barn wood so simple!
Submerge in water
I did one more scrub with fresh clean water to help scrub any soap residue off of the boards.
Cleaning dirt and debris off barn wood
The whole process only took a few minutes, it was so fast.
Hosing down barn wood to clean
Then I simply used my hose to remove any remaining soap from the boards.
When I was done I simply set my wood out on my driveway to dry completely before I brought it into my garage.  And now I can’t wait to get started on my project with them!

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