How to Clean Cabinets the Easy Way
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Abby DeHart
Friday, December 14, 2018

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Cleaning your cabinets can be SUCH a chore!! Hours of scrubbing, tons of hard work, and all too often it's difficult to get all the grease and grime up the first time! Take HOURS out of your cabinet cleaning process with this easy way to clean cabinets in half the time it normally takes using the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite

Step 1

In order to clean your cabinets you need the following items:

Start by filling your HomeRight SteamMachine Elite with water and add in 6-10 drops of essential oils like lemon or grapefruit. The citrus smell does great when you're steam cleaning the cabinets! Let your machine pre-heat about 10 minutes until the orange button turns off. 

Note: the HomeRight manual says that you shouldn't add anything but distilled water to the SteamMachine Elite. Thoroughly clean your steamer afterward if using essential oil. 

Step 2

While it's pre-heating, I would suggest using your vacuum attachment to clean the dust and debris from the base of the cabinets. This will save you the hassle of hair getting stuck in the nozzles later on.

Once vacuumed, I lay down a towel underneath the cabinet I'm cleaning and get to work. I literally spent about 15 seconds steaming this and going back and forth with the nozzle. Then I turned it off and wiped the cabinet down with a wet rag to gather up any debris.

Important Note: This steamer produces high temperature steam, which shouldn't be applied to unsealed surfaces. Make sure your wood or painted cabinets are sealed before applying the steam. You can also test the steam on a small corner of the wood beforehand. 

Step 3

Look at less than 30 seconds it went from DIRE to impressively clean! And even better, the HomeRight SteamMachine kills 99.9% of germs using steam power, so not only are your cabinets looking cleaner, they actually are germ free now too!!

And look at all the gunk that the brush got off the cabinets!! Once you're done cleaning your cabinets, dry them off with a clean, dry towel. If desired, you can apply wood polish like THIS one.

So as you go into the holidays and look to clean and organize at the start of the new year. Use these cabinet cleaning tips and check out my other HomeRight SteamMachine uses here:

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