How To Clean & Sanitize Your Home During Flu Season Without Chemicals by 11 Magnolia Lane
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Amy Boyle
Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project Steps

January 25, 2015

Amy from 11 Magnolia Lane suffers from Lyme’s disease and for that reason her immune system is weaker than most. She would get very weak after cleaning her bathrooms with the harsh chemicals. We recently sent her a SteamMachine Plus to try out in her home and she is so happy with the results. Not only does it leave the house clean, it requires less work and is a natural, chemical free way to clean. The SteamMachine Plus disinfects by using hot water to clean. Read Amy's full tutorial on all the tasks she used the SteamMachine Plus for in her home. 11 Magnolia Lane is giving away a SteamMachine Plus to one lucky reader. 

SteamMachine PlusCleaning with a steamer

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