How to Clean the Interior and Wheels of a Car
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Natalie Dixon
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • AutoRight SteamMachine

Project Steps


Between my husband working on construction sites and the amount of traveling I've been doing lately, our vehicles have been taking a beating. It's not hard to swing by a car wash and get the majority of the grime off, but the details matter.  All of that dirt that gets stuck in the crevices on the wheels, in the pockets on the doors and everywhere else it seems... that dirt is stubborn and hard to get.

With the AutoRight SteamMachine, we were able to get in all of those tight places with little effort. With the amount of time we spend in our cars, it's so refreshing to sit down in a space that's clean! We spend so much time and effort cleaning our homes, but often ignoring our vehicles. The SteamMachine makes it easy and affordable to clean the interior of your vehicle without having to make an appointment at a local garage.

Step 1

According to the instruction manual, fill your AutoRight SteamMachine with water. Plug in and begin heating up. It takes roughly 8 minutes or so for it to heat up and the light to indicate it is ready to use. Decide which attachment you will use first and attach it to the wand. 

Step 2

We began by cleaning the wheels, starting at the top of the wheel and working our way down. We used the hard bristle brush on the wheels to get all the dirt that cakes into those crevices. Once we had it cleaned, we used a hose to wash away all the dirty water. 

Step 3

We then moved to the interior of the car and kept the hard bristle brush attachment on. We used it on the step tread right inside the door that you can see in the before and after pictures at the top of this post. 

I also used it on side of the driver's seat where some unknown white substance looks like it splattered everywhere!

Step 4

In the same spot, we switched to the crevice tool to get those tight spaces in between where the seat belt is attached.

Step 5

lso used the crevice tool and the jet nozzle attachment to tackle the cup holders in the dashboard. The steam cut right through the grime and grease without having to use any chemicals!

Before how to clean your car

Step 6

And don't forget to clean those door pockets. With all the opening and closing of these doors, they can get grimy pretty fast! We used the crevice tool and jet nozzle on these pockets as well, and then used the microfiber towel to remove all the residue it left behind. 

It was a quick 15 minute cleaning job that made such a difference! So much nicer driving around in a clean vehicle!

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