How to Clean Your Car or Truck with Chemical Free Steam
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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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Our vehicles get very dirty very quickly! This issue seems to multiply if you have kids, pets, a busy schedule, or all the above. SaraBeth with The Busy Bee Life knows the struggle.

She recently used our AutoRight SteamMachine to quickly and easily clean her truck! The best part is that she didn't have to use any chemicals. 

How to clean a car with a steam machine

Using a steam cleaner to remove dirt, dust, debris, and stains from a car

SaraBeth has two little boys, a dog, and a husband who works in maintenance and woodworking. Needless to say, this truck was in desprate need for a deep cleaning session! Check out this video to see the steamer in action. 

Best way to clean a car without using chemicals: The AutoRight SteamMachine

Using the various AutoRight SteamMachine attachments, SaraBeth managed to have her car clean in no time. She was blown away by the results and was amazed by what this little machine could do with just water. 

How to Clean Your Vehicle Using a Chemical Free Steam Cleaner

How to easily clean a car or truck with steam

SaraBeth's favorite attachment was the window squeegee because she didn't have to worry about scratching or cracking the glass on her truck. See those icky marks on the glass? They were gone quickly thanks to the steamer. 

Best way to clean your car is to use steam!

Be sure to follow SaraBeth on Instagram to see more amazing DIY projects and to read more about the AutoRight steamer. 

Want to see more uses for a SteamMachine? Check out this post on the top 10 places you never clean, but should! There are dozens of areas in your home where you could use a steamer. 

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Cleaning Hack: How to Clean and Sanitize a Dirty Car or Truck

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