How to Cut in Quickly with the Quick Painter Painting Tool
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Ruthie Tabone
Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • QuickPainter Pad Edge Painter
  • Paint
  • Drop Cloth
  • Paper Towel

Project Steps


Hey everyone!  I'm Ruthie from Refashionably Late.  I am working my bum off right now trying to finish our living room for the One Room Challenge.  If you aren't familiar with the One Room Challenge, it is a 6 week room makeover challenge.  Hundreds of bloggers and interior designers link up and makeover a room in that 6 week span of time!  It's so fun to see the progression of the rooms week by week.  Everyone is so talented!  I have participated in a few other challenges and you can check out my room reveals here! 

Gabi's Nursery  |  Lucy's Big Girl Room  |  Bathroom  |  Guest Room

Step 1

I did a lot of painting with the Fall session of the ORC.  I painted all the woodwork and baseboards in our upstairs living spaces.  I painted the panel moulding that I put up on the walls.  I painted an end table and I painted quarter round for our baseboards.  So needless to say when I'm painting I like to find tools and tricks to help speed up the process!  I decided to try out the QuickPainter Pad Edge Painter.

Step 2

To start, take off the pad attachment by twisting it and unlocking it from the handle.  Put the tip of the QuickPainter into the paint and press the trigger while pulling on the fill handle.  Once the QuickPainter is full of paint release the trigger and put the pad attachment back on.  You will want to wipe off the excess paint on the tip of the QuickPainter before put the pad attachment back.

Step 3

Then press the trigger again and paint will come through the pad and you are ready to paint!                                                 

Step 4

Line up the guide (the round area on the side of the pad) and push the trigger to release paint.  Move up and down until you have good coverage on the pad.  Paint up and down your trim until you are finished.  Continue to press the trigger to add more paint to your pad when needed.

Step 5

As you can see, when painting the trim my brush slipped and I got some paint onto the wall.  The QuickPainter was such a quick way to cover up that white paint and ensure the rest of my trim was neatly painted.

Step 6

It's really nice not to have cut in with a paint brush when outlining your woodwork.  It's a lot faster than having to do it all by hand!

Step 7

You can see the wet paint from the QuickPainter around the trim of the window! All that's left to do is wait for it to dry and enjoy your quickly painted wall trim!  

Step 8

If you have any paint left in your QuickPainter take off the pad attachment and place the tip inside of the paint.  Press the trigger and the paint will release back into the paint can.  Clean your QuickPainter and you are done!

You can also purchase the corner pad attachment to help you paint the corners of your room!  I can't wait to give that a try the next time we paint a room.  Stay tuned for the final reveal of my living room on November 15th!  Head on over to my blog, Refashionably Late to follow along with all of our house projects!

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