How to Deep Clean Floors Using the HomeRight Steam Machine
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Wendi Wachtel
Friday, February 2, 2018

Project Steps


The 30 Day Creative Space Declutter and Organization challenge is almost over.  I’ve reclaimed my office and am on the road to a much more organized year ahead.  So far, I’ve kept the organizing strategies that did work, decluttered and sorted out what I didn’t need and added budget DIY built ins bookcases with storage.  What’s next?  A deep cleaning!  This is the perfect opportunity to give my floors a deep clean with steam for a fresh and clean start in my newly reorganized office.  My new HomeRight Steam Machine just arrived and it’s just the right tool to get a thorough clean easily and quickly. 


My office gets a lot of traffic.  The door leads to the garage, our laundry area, my tools and our 18 year old at uses the kitty door to get to his litter box.  I didn’t just want clean, I wanted a sanitized clean to start the season off well.   I swept and prewashed the floors with a good disinfectant cleaner, so the steam could get deep into the floor grout and crevices for a thorough cleaning.   

Step 1

Decide what type of cleaning you’ll tackle.   

My new HomeRight Steam Machine came with several attachments and a generous sized wand to reach the floor or high places.  There’s an oversized floor scrubber, a squeegee and several smaller tools stored for tough jobs like cleaning grout in the top compartment of the steam machine.  Since I was planning on deep cleaning my floors with steam, I choose the large floor scrubbing attachment and the long wand to make cleaning easy.  

Step 2

Select and assemble the attachments for the job at hand. 

Put together the cleaning wand and add the floor scrubbing attachment.  Simple directions in large print made assembling the long handle and choosing the right attachment for my job easy.  

Step 3

Select a floor cleaning method.  

I’m loving that the unit came with three cloth cleaning options that can be used with the floor scrubber attachment.  I’m also loving the floor scrubber tool without any cloths since it has tough bristles on the bottom.  This will be great for extra dirty floors!  

Step 4

Add water to the steam machine.  

Use the pre-measured cup and funnel to fill the machine with water.  There’s a handy guide in the back of the instruction that shows how long the Steam Machine will operate with different amounts of water in the reservoir.  

Step 5

Let the Steam Machine heat up.

Plug the machine in, press the steam button and wait 8 minutes for the magic to start!                                                           

Step 6

Steam baby steam! 

Depress the steam trigger and let the cleaning cloth absorb the steam and become damp.  That’s it!  I was ready for a quick and easy deep clean on my floors.  Look at all that steam! 

Step 7

Start Cleaning.

Pull the trigger or set the trigger lock and start cleaning!  Just like using a vacuum cleaner, you’ll slowly push the Steam Machine forward and pull back in an even motion.

Step 8

Change out the cleaning cloth as needed.

The floor scrubber attachment has clips on the top to hold the included cleaning cloths or use your own. Simply drop them in the wash after and they’ll be clean and ready for the next time.

My entire office took less than 20 minutes to deep clean with steam.  It looks clean and smells clean and I’m now ready to tackle the new year in a clean and organized office!   

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Steam cleaning your floors the easy way by using a steam machine steam cleaner

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