How to Deep Clean Your Guest Bedroom
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Mary Hunnicutt
Monday, November 19, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine and Attachments
  • Distilled Water

Project Steps


The holidays are right around the corner, which can mean overnight guests. Since our guest bedroom does not get a lot of use, it can tend to get musty and dusty. The SteamMachine Elite is the perfect tool for sanitizing and refreshing the entire bed, including pillows, mattress pad, and mattress just in time for holiday guests!

Step 1

Prepare the Steamer

Start by filling the reservoir with distilled water, using the funnel. Next, plug the SteamMachine in, turn it on, and wait for the button to light up letting you know the steam is ready. It only takes about 8 minutes!

Step 2

Steam the Bedding

Remove the sheets and pillowcases to wash. I started with steam cleaning the mattress pad, using the triangular mop head and microfiber pad, moving it slowly over the entire surface. If you have stains, I recommend using the small nylon brush attachment to scrub and loosen the grime. 

Step 3

Steam the Pillows and Comforter

Repeat the process for the pillows and comforter using the fabric steamer attachment with the fabric bonnet. This attachment also works well on cleaning throw pillows with embellishments, which are usually hard to clean.

Step 4

Enjoy a Clean Bed!

Allow the bedding to air dry prior to remaking the bed. The SteamMachine Elite is the perfect tool for deep cleaning large objects that will not fit in the washing comforters and mattresses.

You can also use it to sanitize your bathroom, kitchen, and upholstered furniture! This handy tool will refresh your home, just in time for all those holiday guests!

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