How to Easily Stain Your Deck by 11 Magnolia Lane
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Amy Boyle
Friday, November 11, 2016

Project Steps


  Here is what our deck looked like when we started, suffice to say, our deck wasn't pretty. It was badly in need of some sprucing up.   how-to-stain-your-deck-easily-with-the-right-tools-3  

Our back deck was worn, the dark stain originally on the deck was fading, and many of the boards were cracking. Some of the flooring had even had started to rot resulting in splinters and safety issues. Much as I didn't want to take this large project on, my husband and I knew it was long overdue. Once the heat of summer abated, this project was next up on our house to-do list.   how-to-stain-your-deck-easily-with-the-right-tools-7  

This was a time consuming project mainly due to the size of our deck, it goes the entire back of our house. Even with the investment in time I am so glad we took this project on ourselves, we saved a ton of money and in the end, we made our deck sparkle again. As you can see from the before pictures, our deck was literally falling apart due to lack of maintenance. We've lived in our house for two years and so many other inside projects took precedence.


Here it is all done, isn't it pretty now? The HomeRight tools are truly what makes a project of this size manageable for those of us who aren't 'fit as fiddles' with hours to spend DIY'ing! Both the HomeRight FinishMax Sprayer, which was essential for spraying the stain on the railings, and the HomeRight DeckPro made putting the protective sealant down on the floor simple were must-haves for pulling off this project ourselves.


Spraying the railings white was a bit of an after thought when we planned the project, the flooring was what was crucial so our initial goal was simply to take that task on. In looking at the space now I am so glad we tackled BOTH the railings and the flooring together, it looks so much better, even though it doubled the amount of work we had to do. A new composite floor and railing system would have been lovely but it wasn't in our budget. Since the deck is well built and the space is large, it is perfect for entertaining. I am however, crossing my fingers that the products we used will hold up in the elements {and two labradors} for many years so we don't have to take this on again anytime soon!

Here are the steps we took to stain the deck and the railing:

1) First we replaced all the broken and rotted boards with new deck boards. {Lucy, our mama Labrador, was supervising the process} deck-boards 2. We power washed all the surfaces and sealed a few larger cracks. 3. I selected Rustoleum 4x Restore Deck Coat in Gray, due to the amount of cracking and weathering in our boards, we needed to more more than just stain and seal. This product worked great {more on that in a minute}.   how-to-stain-your-deck-easily-with-the-right-tools-10   4. For the railings I used my HomeRight FinishMax Sprayer to spray Behr {off the shelf} deck stain in white. I went through FOUR gallons and it took several afternoons, I did a coat here and a coat there maybe in 45 minute increments? I can't imagine painting each spindle by hand, I'd have gone insane, the sprayer was a lifesaver. Since we were painting the floor as well, we didn't have to tape or cover much (other than some plastic on the house where the deck adjoins the house), that also made it much easier. Just be sure to spray the railings first, then flooring!   how-to-stain-your-deck-easily-with-the-right-tools-5   5. My husband stained most of the flooring using the HomeRight Deck Pro. This application product has a padded surface with a "gap" wheel that goes in the cracks between the boards so the stain gets pushed down in between each board, what a timesaver it was! It attaches to a simple extension handle or you can even use it with the HomeRight PaintStick to really save time. 6. We used most of the 5 gallon bucket to do the deck floor, the Rustoleum 4X is a thick product so it gave us a bit of a work out applying it to such a large surface, but it dried fast and it is holding up great. We still have some cracking in the boards {the Rustoleum 10x product would have been better to fill that in but I didn't care for the texture}, but I can live with it compared to where we started. 7. Because we have two dogs and have had almost no rain recently, you can see the dirt that was tracked on the deck in the pictures :) That washes off but it is the price we pay for selecting the light color, something to think about if you have pets!   after2-how-to-stain-your-deck-easily-with-the-right-tools-13   Overall this project had a huge payoff. We saved a ton of money doing it ourselves and I am so happy to have it checked off our house to-do list! how-to-stain-your-deck-before-after   The newly freshened up space is just calling out for new deck furniture, much as I'd love {sigh} to be showing off the space all newly decorated, with winter around the corner we decided to wait until spring. Still I look out the kitchen window every day and am amazed at the difference the paint/stain made, it is so much cleaner and brighter. Here is an easy to pin picture so you can tuck these instructions away for when you gear up to tackle your space, I promise it will be worth it!   header-how-to-easily-stain-your-deck  For more DIY makeovers and decorating ideas, please visit us at XO,  

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