How to Fight the Flu Bug at Home
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Abbey DeHart
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine Elite or SteamMachine 53

Project Steps


The cold and flu season is here and it's harder than ever to try to keep all your family from getting sick at the same time. I consider it my personal mission to limit the stomach bug or common cold to one person in our household so that we don't have a week long household of misery.

So today I wanted to share with you my tips on how to combat the cold or flu bug in your house with just a few routines the minute someone gets sick!

Step 1

First step. 

Divide and conquer! While your spouse is taking care of a sick child, get to cleaning up and setting up for "battle". I get my kids in the bath or shower, get fresh clothes on them, and then I get to work puke proofing their bedrooms.

Get anything non-vomit proof off the bed and surrounding areas, put old sheets on the bed and old towels on the floor, and of course, you need a bucket or large bowl close by. 

Step 2

If you make it through the night without incident, then it's time to order those groceries online (don't go in store and get other people sick too!) and get the essentials. 

On my grocery list for the stomach bug is:

  • bananas
  • rice
  • applesauce
  • saltines
  • grape juice (for me)
  • chicken broth
  • lemon ginger tea
  • coffee (for me, duh...)
  • probiotics (for the rest of us)

Haven't heard about the grape juice/stomach bug myth yet? Well, it's never failed me, but science says it's not who knows. The theory is that the acid in grape juice (100% grape juice) helps prevent the stomach bug from spreading. So when someone in your family has the stomach bug, the rest of you should start drinking grape juice to prevent yourselves from getting the stomach flu.

Don't give it to people already's too late. I always start drinking a few cups a day as soon as someone gets sick and so far it's always worked!

Step 3

Once I'm stocked up with groceries and prepped for the worst, I get to cleaning!! I use my HomeRight SteamMachine Elite (or you can use the SteamMachine 53) to clean and sanitize my house and kill all those nasty flu bugs!! I start by using my floor attachment and I run it over the carpets, rugs, tile and hardwood...I even run it over my couches as needed too.

Next, I change our the nozzles and do a DEEP cleaning of my bathroom, along with all the door handles in the whole house. Don't forget handles for the fridge, water dispenser and anything else the sick may have touched. 

And honestly, if you've been lucky enough to avoid the "plague" never hurts to steam clean your house regularly like this anyways just to ensure that it stays that way! Especially before and after you have company visit! 

Stay healthy friends!!

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Take just a few simple steps to ensure that everyone stays healthy this winter! Make sure you clean your kitchen, bathrooms, bedding, and everything else that gets touched. 

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