How to Get a Clean Kitchen with the HomeRight Steam Machine
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Kandice Kullmann
Monday, January 22, 2018

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How to Get a Clean Kitchen with the HomeRight Steam Machine

When I learned that I could get my entire kitchen clean fast, easy and with one machine I couldn't wait to try it out. Not that cleaning the kitchen is ever exciting, but making the task easier is always a plus. The HomeRight Steam Machine does just that - it makes life easier. With two young kids and a husband that's a big deal. The steam machine is compact and comes with an abundance of attachments for all of your cleaning needs. Setting up the steam machine is super easy too. First, decide which attachment you want to use. There is a compartment to store the smaller brushes and nozzles. The next thing to do it remove the cap to the water tank. Use the funnel provided to fill the tank with water and replace the cap. Plug the steam machine in and press the power button to turn it on. Once you turn the machine on you will also see the red light, showing that the machine is on and the orange light, showing that the machine is heating up. Once the machine is ready to use the orange light will shut off and you are ready to go.

Cleaning the Stove

The first area that I decided to tackle is my stove. Between my husband and myself, we are constantly preparing meals and the oven being black tends to show every mark and spill. The steam machine worked great to clean the top of the stove using the brass brush attachment. With the same attachment, I moved right down to clean the oven door and inside the oven.

Cleaning the Counters

After cleaning the oven it was time to clean the counters. Since I wipe down the counters constantly they aren't really dirty. But the beauty of the HomeRight steam machine is that it also sanitizes. So with a quick switch of the attachment, I am able to sanitize my kitchen counters. Another quick attachment change and I get to clean the sink which includes the top area of the garbage disposal.

Cleaning the Kitchen Floor

You can't clean the kitchen without cleaning the floor. I find myself sweeping the kitchen floor multiple times a day. Primarily after every time the kids eat since they tend to have a hole in each chin and more food ends up on the floor than in their mouths. All you do is add the extension attachments and the floor brush to give a steam scrub first. Next, you can add the soft fabric pad. The fabric pad actually fits right over the floor brush. The black clips open with a pinch to hold the fabric in place wrapped around the brush. Having a machine that isn't bulky and lets me clean the entire kitchen with little effort and no harsh chemicals is a huge time saver! You can find videos of the HomeRight Steam Machine in action here: How to Clean a Kitchen in Half the Time

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