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Gail Wilson
Monday, January 25, 2016

Project Steps

I am a lover of all things chairs. I love chairs of all kinds, but my favorite? Free chairs, found at the dumpster. These simple, sturdy chairs will be perfect for the easiest triple chair bench ever. Not only is this a simple build for a chair bench, I’m excited to share a great new paint technique I finally mastered with my Homeright Finish Max.   dumpster-chairsThese are the chairs as I found them at the dumpster. Sad and abused, but I see potential immediately.   free-chairs After bringing them home, I see their new purpose right away. Look at those straight lines.     easy-chair-bench After removing the remaining seat, I butt them up against each other. When building a typical triple chair bench, it is customary to remove the legs of the middle chair. I decided to make this the ultimate easy triple chair bench.   my-repurposed-life-how-to-easy-chair-benchI sanded the glossy (and gross) finish off of the three chairs. Then I secured them to one another using some Simpson StrongTie wood screws. You can see by the blue arrows where I secured the screws.       homeright-finish-max-triple-chair-benchI used my favorite Finish Max to paint a base coat of diy chalky paint primer using black paint.     black-chalky-paint-primerAfter mixing the chalky primer, always use a mesh paint strainer to make sure clumps don’t clog the Finish Max nozzle.     finish-max-dry-brush-paint-techniqueAfter doing the black chalky paint primer, I used an oops color that I thought was going to give me the old red I was going for. Not so much. That’s totally okay, because it just gives me more of a base coat.   finish-max-heirloom-traditions-paintI went to one of my favorite reds from Heirloom Traditions Paint. This is Daredevil. This sample jar was practically empty and I was a little nervous, but I have complete faith in the fine finish I get from my Finish Max and how far paint goes in the paint container. For this technique—and because I didn’t have a lot of paint, I did dilute my paint with a little more water than I normally do. Seriously!! Look how little paint is in that Homeright paint cup.   dry-brush-finish-max I did use nearly every drop out of the paint cup to get this chair bench painted RED. I intentionally did a VERY light coat by keeping the Finish Max further away from the project, making sure to NOT do full coverage. I love the look of an old glazed red, and I’ve been trying to perfect this technique with the paint sprayer so I don’t have to brush the paint on projects with spindles and legs. Please note how little overspray there is with my Finish Max!   brown-paper-sanding I get a lot of packages in the mail, and I always save the brown paper packaging. It is fabulous to use as a fine finish sandpaper. I used some to sand back a little more of the red paint to reveal the darker colors underneath.     damp-sponge-waxing I used a damp chunk of a sponge to apply some clear wax, rubbing a little more of the red paint back as I went.     red-triple-chair-bench I had three pieces of scrap wide tongue and groove boards that had been given to me years ago. They were perfect for the seat of this bench! I attached the boards with my nail gun. After sanding the boards to remove the squared edges, I was ready to stain/seal the seat. But! I decided I loved the light color wood with the red, so I just did a wipe-on clear coat poly to seal the boards.  


DIy chair bench how to get a dry brush look with a sprayer

I am so happy with how this chair bench turned out. It was so easy and fun to do, especially now that I know how to get a great glazed (dry brush) look with my Finish Max! Don’t let those great dumpster finds pass you by! Be sure to stop by My Repurposed Life to see more great projects from free and thrift store items. gail I am so happy to be a Homeright Brand Ambassador!

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