How to get a Spray Paint Finish using a Paint Sprayer
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Gail Wilson
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Project Steps

I love using my Homeright Super Finish Max paint sprayer. It’s so versatile and can do such a variety of projects. There are many items I would never want to paint by hand, and an old ladder is one of those things. Using the Finish Max with the control knob dialed back to allow less paint flow, not only gives you a smaller paint pattern, but also the great finish this popular paint sprayer is known for!

Vintage Wooden Ladder

old wooden ladder

This vintage ladder is perfect for the project I have in mind: a planter/shelf for the yard. I didn’t do any prep work before starting the paint application. You will want to make sure your project is free of dust and dirt.

Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer

super finish max

You can see I used the green nozzle for this job. This image is to show you the nozzle color. I always keep my paint sprayer upright after I load the paint.

Disposable Gloves for Painting

disposable gloves I prefer to use disposable gloves when setting up my paint sprayer. Because I have a fear of bugs, I store my gloves in a cat treat canister. But you can also pick up inexpensive storage options at the dollar store.

Strain Paint for Paint Sprayer

strain latex paint for paint sprayer

Straining paint is an important step to prevent clogs in your sprayer. I use a mesh paint strainer, squeezing the paint into the paint cup. Then the strainer goes right into a bucket of water for easy cleaning. The latex wall paint was not diluted for this project. That’s the great thing about how powerful the Super Finish Max is, it can handle the paint. This blue paint is Naval by Behr. Isn’t it scrumptious?

Adjust the Volume Control Knob to Increase Paint Flow

dial the control knob back

Rolling the thumb control all the way to the minus, I then rolled it up three turns, tested it, rolled it up three more turns and tested it again. It wasn’t until the next 3 turns that I felt it was the perfect spray pattern and the right amount of paint flow to do this project. For a small profile like this ladder, I didn’t want a wide spray pattern.

Being able to change the spray pattern from horizontal, to vertical and round assured that I wasn’t going to have much over spray with the control knob dialed back.

Sawhorses Aid in an Easy Paint Sprayer Project

lean project against sawhorses

This project was done in no time. Leaning the ladder pieces against the sawhorses I made, really make this project fly by!

For Underside – Lay Ladder Horizontally

lay ladder horizontally for best results

For full coverage, laying the ladder atop the sawhorse, it’s easier to get the underside of the ladder rungs.

Flawless Finish with Super Finish Max

flawless finish with Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer

Look at that flawless finish! Due to the weather (humidity) it was a little tacky for a day or so, but after it fully cures, it’s going to last for years! If you need more details about how I put the ladder back together, visit My Repurposed Life.

Ladder in the Garden

Decorating for 4th of July is so easy when you make your purchases at your local dollar stores!

I'm so in love with both versions of my new garden ladder. Painting this by hand with a brush would have been a real chore. The Super Finish Max made this such a fun and easy project. I made the Americana Garden flag and the sweet little scrap wood firecrackers years ago! I've put together a great collection of everything I use when I do a project, see my supply list here

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How to Acheive a Smooth Finish on a DIY Ladder Planter by Using a HomeRight Paint Sprayer

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