How to Grill Watermelon
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Abby DeHart
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • ElectroLight Fire Starter
  • Watermelon

Project Steps


Watermelon is the summer staple not only in the kitchen, but in cute home décor as well this year. Who can resist that juicy, refreshing combination of flavors on a hot summer day!?

BUT, I bet you have never considered kicking things up a notch and GRILLING your watermelon, have you!? Want to know how to grill watermelon?! It's so easy and I'll show you today how to take your watermelon and turn it into a delicious grilled watermelon dessert for your family and friends!

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Step 1

Start Your Charcoal Grill

The first and number one thing I suggest with grilling watermelon is to do it on a charcoal grill and to use your HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter to get the party going faster than ever!

You've probably heard me rave over my charcoal starter for a while now, but for jobs like this, you can get your charcoal grill started SO much faster with no waiting and no accelerant needed!! 

Step 2

Put the Watermelon Slices on the Grill

Once your fire is started using your fire starter, I start by slicing up my watermelon into chunks and then I literally just place the watermelon straight onto the grill and let them start cooking.

Step 3

Add Extra Flavors

The nice thing about grilled watermelon is that you can do it so many different ways! Add a little honey and lime to make it sweet, add some kick to make it a spicy grilled watermelon!

Did you know that grilled watermelon with feta on it is a real thing and is SO amazing?! You could even do grilled watermelon skewers or grilled watermelon with balsamic vinegar drizzled over top! The possibilities are endless.

Step 4

Grill for 10-15 Minutes and Enjoy

You'll want to let the watermelon cook on the grill about 10-15 minutes, watching it for those grill marks of perfection!! Then pull it off and top it any way that you like! So easy I bet you didn't even realize it.

And just like that you have an amazing grilled dessert option for your friends and family! Top it with a drizzle of lime and honey, add some feta cheese, or make those chunks of watermelon into skewers with pound cake in between! So many different options and all summer to try them all out! Enjoy! To see more projects like this, head to The Cards We Drew blog. 

Summer is here and with summer comes grilled desserts! Learn how to make deliciously easy grilled watermelon using this one trick!

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Juicy Grilled Watermelon Dessert Recipe Made with the HomeRight ElectroLight Fire and Charcoal Starter

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