How to Make your car look new again by 11 Magnolia Lane
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Amy Boyle
Saturday, February 20, 2016
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine
  • Rags

Project Steps

car-detail-autoright-main-marked   Next to our homes our cars are our biggest investment. Considering the amount of time I spend fixing up my house, my car is sorely neglected in comparison. I am a busy mom of three, so I spend much of my life running my kids to and fro; I sometimes feel like I live in my car and it's definitely looking like I do. This week I decided the time had come to give my car a total overhaul with the AutoRight SteamCleaner. In addition to the wear and tear from the kids, we've had some winter weather recently and a long fall sports season had left mud, dirt and spilled coffee {ok that one might have been me} throughout.   homeright-autoright   After I cleaned up all the discarded candy wrappers and about a thousand half-full water bottles {seriously, do they spawn overnight?} I set about deep cleaning all the surfaces using the HomeRight Steam Machine. A side note: this is one cool machine, within minutes my husband came to watch me then suggested we try it out in his truck instead! He was fascinated by this machine, these are now on my gift list for all the men in my life :}.   cleaning-car-a2   Anyway, it took no time to clean off the dashboard, the console {and all that gunk that collects in the cupholders, yuck!} and the steering wheel. The machine uses hot steam to clean and disinfect so it loosens all that built-in grime instantly. Here's how it works... the AutoRight Steam Cleaner uses pressurized high-temperature steam to clean by loosening dirt and grime and disinfects at the same time. It comes with a variety of attachments {large and small brushes, a jet nozzle and a squeegee} to clean every nook and cranny in your car just like a professional detailer would, and it's on wheels so it follows you as go. You simply add the attachment you want to use to the nozzle, they are simple to interchange, pull the trigger and hot steam hits your surface. The high heat makes it dry almost instantly, you'll just have a small bit of residue to wipe up along with any remaining dirt.   steamer-with-attachment-homeright   homeright-steamer-attachments   As I was cleaning I started thinking about the germs that accumulate on the steering wheel and door handles and wondered why I hadn't made doing this a priority sooner, it is cold and flu season after all! Everything got a quick steam and a wipe down with a microfiber towel and not only looked like NEW but was clean too.   steaming-door-handle   door-handle-clean   I couldn't believe the difference in the dashboard and the console area.   car-interior-clean   Next I moved on to the seats. The the back seats were especially filthy, my kids step on them to climb into the 3rd row, dirty cleats, muddy boots-- you name it --and then next person gets to sit in dirt, it's just lovely. So cleaning the seats was also long overdue, especially at this time of year.   header-cleaning-car-inside-homeright   I also hit the backs of the seats where the kids grab to climb in and out of the car. Apparently they must do nothing but eat chocolate back there, then wipe their dirty hands on the back of the seats to climb in and out, how else could the seat backs be so dirty?   cleaning-back-seat   After giving those a quick spray and a wipe down I pulled the floor mats out. I won't even show you how gross they were, but I dropped them on the ground and gave them a good long blast of steam.   steaming-floor-mat   Finally, I worked on the door thresholds. They were filthy; we've had snow, sleet and freezing rain recently that left mud and salt-laden streets, all of which has found it's way into the car.   cleaning-floor-before-homeright   A quick blast of steam and a wipe and it was all gone in seconds.   cleaning-floor-after   After cleaning the inside I moved on to the outside. The steam machine is great for post winter clean-up. It removed all the dirt and grime from my wheels {this was when my husband started getting seriously jealous, wheels are a big deal to men apparently? The spic and span interior didn't thrill him nearly as much as the new-looking wheels did}. One quick steam and a wipe and my hubcaps gleamed even in the hard to reach areas.   cleaning-wheels   Next I moved on to the windows. I used the squeegee attachment with the microfiber bonnet that comes with the Steam Machine to do those. All those streaks and fingerprints on the inside were gone in seconds.   cleaning-windows   Before long my car looked like it was brand new. It is far from it, but I no longer feel like I am driving around in a kid-trashed, mom-mobile! It's such a great feeling, and it took me NO time at all to knock out this cleaning.   You can see more about the HomeRight HERE, your car will thank you for it!   All the best, Amy     AB New Headshot Small Blog

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