How to Paint a Lattice Trash Can Corral
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Gail Wilson
Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • Drop Cloth
  • Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Paint
  • Paint Strainer
  • Gloves

Project Steps

Have you ever painted lattice? It’s not easy to paint by hand, but using a Finish Max on lattice and you'll be done in no time. This monster trash can corral would be so difficult to paint using a brush.

lattice trash can corral

Using all reclaimed wood items, this old lattice was turned into a trash can corral! Hop over to My Repurposed Life to see the details and tutorial on how to build this lattice trash can corral.

lattice trash can corral moved on furniture dolly

When you’re moving heavy or awkward things, make it easy on yourself by using furniture dollies.

remove furniture dollies before painting

Remove furniture dollies before painting. Use a drop cloth to protect grass or driveway.

prepare to paint with Finish Max

Before I start painting, I gather all my supplies. When I use paint that may be a little old, I always strain the paint with a mesh paint strainer. I also have gloves and a paint brush for drips when pouring from the paint can. A bucket of water is a must for clean up.

always strain paint before using Finish Max

Using gloves, squeeze out the excess paint, then place mesh strainer into bucket of water for easy cleanup.

finish max paint sprayers use less paint than brush painting

Notice the amount of paint in the cup. This paint was a little thick, so I diluted it slightly in the can. I did that because I figured I would be using it all for this project. When finished, I ended up pouring some of this paint back into the can!

easy painting project with Finish Max

The directional dial comes in handy when you’ve got a couple of directions to move. However, I never changed it during this project. I kept it in a horizontal direction and held the sprayer close while doing the lattice strips. I sort of followed the strips like a road. Down one, get to the bottom, and up the next one.

Homeright Finish Max easy to clean

A Homeright Finish Max is so easy to clean outdoors with a garden hose. The first time you remove the brass nozzle, you will need to use the little wrench. Don’t let the difficulty of removing it deter you from doing so. After this, when you replace the nozzle, hand tightening is sufficient. Thoroughly clean your paint sprayer and make it ready for the next job!

DIY Trash Can Corral

And here it is mostly finished, it just needs some square caps on all the corners.

The trash can corral is handy. I can easily reach over the front to toss in trash and recyclables. Since the back is open, it's no trouble to grab the cans. Although you can easily see through the lattice, from the street the cans are so much less obvious! I'm so happy I have a Finish Max to paint outdoor projects like this. I would never want to tackle this with a paint brush.

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