How to Paint a Room Quickly
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Ruthie Tabone
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • PaintStick EZ-Twist Paint Roller
  • Gallon of Paint

Project Steps


Hey everyone!  I am currently participating as a guest participant for the One Room Challenge.  This will be my 6th challenge!  I have redone our Guest RoomLucy’s Big Girl RoomGabi’s Nursery , Bathroom and last Fall our Living Room.  Right now I'm currently working on our home gym which we will also be doubling as a guest bedroom.  Our previous guest bedroom is still functioning but we had to move things around a little bit.  I'm working a lot harder on my website these days and I simply just needed more space!  Our gym was my husband's room to do whatever he wanted to it.  It was full of posters and sports memorabilia.  It was his own little man cave...until now!  Sorry honey!  I'm going for a more masculine look for the design of the room.  I want it beautiful for guests but have a touch of masculinity so my husband isn't working out in a girly room! ;) 

Step 1

Here is where we started with the room.  We have not touched this room since we moved into our house.  Probably the only room untouched.  So far we have painted the ceiling and woodwork and now it was time to paint the walls.  I could not wait to get those blues off of the wall.  Not my favorite at all!

Step 2

The way to go when painting your walls is to use the PaintStick EZ-Twist Paint Roller.  I have used it many times now in other rooms in our house.  It's so much faster and cleaner than your typical paint roller and roller tray!

Step 3

After all the holes were patched I got my PaintStick EZ-Twist set up to paint.  Make sure to stir your paint thoroughly before you begin.  Start by placing the Universal Fill Tube into your paint can and clip it in place.

Step 4

Add some of the jelly that comes with the PaintStick to the valve where the paint is inserted into the PaintStick.  This creates an airtight seal so that the paint can properly flow to the PaintStick from the Fill Tube.  Unlock the PaintStick EZ-Twist by pushing down on the lever to allow paint to be sucked into the PaintStick EZ-Twist.


Step 5

Pull the paint up into the paint tube.  You may have some air bubbles and a gap where the paint is not filled.  Simply push the paint back down into the can until you don't see the gap anymore. 

Step 6

Lock the paint stick and it's time to paint!  You will twist the PaintStick quite a bit before you notice paint coming through the roller.

Step 7

I then painted all of the walls.  I believe one wall was covered by one tube of paint!  So much time saved by not rolling your roller in the paint tray over and over again!

Step 8

One more coat to go and then the walls are completely finished!  Now it's time to work on the flooring!  Thanks so much for stopping by today!  If you'd like to follow along with my One Room Challenge process please head on over to my blog, Refashionably Late and sign up for my newsletter so you won't miss anything!

How to paint a gym/guest room with the homeright ez twist paint roller painting tool

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