How to Paint an Armoire with a Paint Sprayer
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Project Steps

Everyone has their favorite hobby and ours is remodeling furniture! We had an old, wooden armoire that was collecting dust and was in desperate need of a face life. With a little bit of paint and new knobs, we managed to make it look completely new!

This is what you'll need to remodel an armoire, or any furniture piece!

  • Furniture being remodeled
  • Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer (or the classic version)
  • Large, Medium, or Small Spray Shelter
  • Sanding block/electric sander
  • Drop cloths
  • Breathing mask
  • Primer
  • Paint of your choice
  • Sealer
  • New knobs/hardware (optional). We used THESE from Hobby Lobby

Gather Your Materials

We started by gathering our materials and setting up the Large Spray Shelter. As you can see, this armoire is way out of date!

DIY How to Paint an Armoire

Clean and Sand the Surface

The armoire was covered in an unhealthy layer of dust so we began by cleaning the entire surface with some Simple Green. We didn't want dirt and grime to be trapped beneath the new layer of paint!

Next, we sanded the entire armoire so that the paint will be able to adhere to the surface better. Then we cleaned everything with Simple Green again. 

DIY Furniture Makeover: Clean the Furniture with Simple Green

Remove the Knobs and Cover the Hardware

We weren't in love with the existing wooden knobs and knew we could find something better anyways! We removed all of the knobs and also covered the metal hardware with painter's tape. Note: You can also do this step before you clean the furniture!

Removing knobs to remodel an armoire

How to cover metal hardware with tape

Prime the Furniture and Paint

Our next task...painting! We wanted the armoire to have a modern, earthy look to it so we chose a gorgeous Night Watch colored paint. For the primer, we used a flat paint mixed with BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder. For the next 2-3 coats, we used a semi-gloss in the same Night Watch color.

Paint for Updating an Old Armoire

For this project, we used the green spray tip on the Super Finish Max paint sprayer, which was the perfect tip to use for the material we were working with! We adjusted the nozzle to paint horizontally and then adjusted it again to paint vertically. We allowed the armoire to dry between coats and, thanks to the sprayer, we had the job done in no time!

Painting with a paint sprayer and spray shelter to remodel an armoire

Our paint had a built-in sealer, but if yours doesn't then you should also cover your furniture in a layer of sealer like poly. 

Add New Knobs

We let the armoire completely dry before adding the new knobs. We found these geometric, wooden knobs from Hobby Lobby and knew that they would look great on our painted armoire! Sure enough, it was a perfect fit!

Geometric wood knobs used for remodeled armoire

How to add new knobs to furniture

Enjoy the New Furniture!

We are so happy with how this turned out! We love that the armoire has an up north/rustic vibe, but still looks elegant and beautiful! Watch the video below to see firsthand how we remodeled the dresser!

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DIY Full Tutorial: Painted Dresser Remodeling with HomeRight Tools

 How to Create a Cabin Themed Dresser-Armoire with Nightwatch Colored Paint and Wood Knobs.jpg

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