How to Paint Crown Molding
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Natalie Dixon
Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Project Steps

Adding crown molding to a bedroom is a great way to make the room look more elegant and new! Natalie with A Turtle's Life for Me has been remodeling her master bedroom and used some HomeRight tools to get the job done quickly. This is what the room looked like before:

 Master bedroom remodeling: adding crown molding

Natalie used the PaintStick EZ-Twist to paint the walls a gorgeous Deep Sea Dive color. Then, to give the room even more of a facelift, she added foam crown molding! In less than 30 minutes, Natalie managed to paint all of the molding white thanks to the Super Finish Max paint sprayer. 

Painting crown molding with a paint sprayer

The final step: Painting the doors! Natalie painted all of the doors bright white with her paint sprayer to lay down a smooth, fine finish. What do you think of the finished room? Be sure to head to Natalie's blog to read more! 

How to paint doors and foam crown molding with a paint sprayer


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