How to Paint Furniture INDOORS!
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Sarah Sanders
Thursday, September 21, 2017

Project Steps


Don't let the weather control your life. Lugging your painting project outdoors every day can be a huge hassle, and if the weather turns sour then your project can be ruined by being out in the elements! You're in luck, though, because we have an entirely new way to paint: indoors. Thanks to the Large Spray Shelter, painting in the comofort of your home is easy. Sarah with 1915 House set up her spray shelter in this room to easily paint a dresser.

Step 1

The Large Spray Shelter fit perfectly into her room and provided enough space to manuever around in to paint. 

Step 2

Sarah didn't have to worry about bugs, leaves, grass, random thunderstorms, or outdoor critters since she painted inside! Needless to say, this project was a breeze. 

Step 3

So next time your weather forcast says there's a storm approaching or your piece is just too big to drag outside, don't worry! You can easily paint indoors. To read more about this amazing project, head over to Sarah's blog to get the full story

Painting indoors is finally possible thanks to the Large Spray Shelter!

Indoor painting projects with a paint sprayer and large spray shelter

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