How to Paint Furniture Using A Paint Sprayer
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Friday, August 30, 2019

Project Steps

It’s super easy to prime and paint metal furniture using a paint sprayer. I just repainted my vintage metal glider using a new super paint sprayer. You guys have seen me use my HomeRight Finish Max sprayer on a variety of projects. I love that paint sprayer and now HomeRight has a more powerful sprayer. I made a video of this project and you can see the new extra power paint sprayer in action.

vintage glider with chipped paint needs repainting

Prime And Paint Metal Furniture Using A Paint Sprayer

As you can see the spray paint on the glider didn’t hold up well at all. We added the 2x4’s to the feet after I did the painting and they never got painted. The glider sits really low and we added the wood to raise it a bit. I keep calling it the glider but it doesn’t glide anymore. The glider feet were nowhere to be found when I purchased the piece.

Wash And Prep The Furniture

The JTS gave the glider a good washing with the power washer. He loves using the power washer and it meant I didn’t have to work as hard. using a pressure washer to wash metal outdoor furniture

Prime And Paint Furniture Project Supplies:

Zinsser Primer (Amazon) Sherwin Williams HGTV Weathershield Semi-Gloss Paint - Agreeable (Lowe's) HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Power Paint Sprayer (Amazon) HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Power Painter Paint Sprayer The new sprayer is the HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Power Painter. And let me tell you….it does have extra power. Even though it has more power the sprayer is still lightweight. The paint container is also a bit bigger than the one in the original Finish Max. Zinsser Primer tinted gray

Applying Primer With A Paint Sprayer

This time around since there was a bit of rust on the glider and the paint wanted to chip I decided to prime before painting. I’ve never used primer in the paint sprayer so this was a first. The primer I chose for the project is Zinsser and as I usually do I had the primer tinted gray. I just think it’s a good color under any paint color. Easy to cover unlike white.

The new more powerful HomeRight sprayer can handle thicker paints and sealers so your paint may not need to be thinned. I only added a small amount of water to the primer. Primer is usually a bit thicker than latex paint. how to use primer in a paint sprayer Only thing left to do is start spraying. This is the fun part. When you see the video you will know what I mean. Watching the paint cover the surface is cool. primer can be used in a paint sprayer

Applying Latex Paint With A Paint Sprayer

I went through the same process as the primer when readying the paint sprayer. I did use less water because the latex paint was pretty thin to start with. The paint is HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Weathershield Semi-gloss Exterior Paint and the color is Agreeable. paint furniture with a power paint sprayer

Enjoy Your Outdoor Furniture

Prime and Paint Metal Furniture Using A Paint Sprayer Plus Video Tutorial

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