How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets
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Ruthie Tabone
Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Project Steps

Hi everyone I'm so excited to be here today.  My name is Ruthie and I blog over at Refashionably Late.  I focus mainly on DIY and Home Decor projects.  My husband and I bought a house in Minneapolis, MN about a year and half ago and I've decided to document our journey of turning our house into a home!  I have always loved to refinish furniture and so Refashionably Late was born! One thing I have wanted to do since we moved into our home was paint our kitchen white.  My husband and other family members tried talking me out of it.  Saying "It's not a terrible wood color," or "It looks fine the way it is!"  I did agree it wasn't terrible. There are other shades of wood that are worse than oak but I still didn't love it.  I decided to give it a year or so and live with it and see how I felt.  Sure enough after 1.5 years of living in our house I still wanted to paint them!Kitchen Before - 2 Photo Courtesy of Northstar MLS

I'm a huge fan of Sherwin Williams paint so I knew I wanted to go with them and I loved the color Zurich White.  I always wanted a simpler and quicker way to paint the cabinets and I knew a paint sprayer would be great for the job.  I thought the Finish Max Sprayer would be a great fit! I have to admit I was slightly intimidated by the whole idea of using a sprayer.  I had never used one and things outside of my comfort zone simply make me nervous.  I didn't want to mess up my kitchen cabinets! I will say now....that I will probably not hand paint furniture ever again because of how simple and quick the Finish Max Sprayer was!  Although, there may be exceptions when it's below zero during the winter time in Minnesota! ;) To start I highly recommend reading through the instructions that come with your Finish Max Sprayer.  It will give you detailed instructions on how to properly assemble and use the sprayer.  Before you load up your sprayer with paint you will need to thin it out.  It comes with a little viscosity cup and the time increments are inside of your instruction manual.  With primer you want the paint to drain through the cup within 30-45 seconds and with latex paint 25-40 seconds.  (See the table below.) Paint Thinner CupScreen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.44.20 PM Photo Courtesy of HomeRight

Before you begin spraying you will need to have everything set up and ready to go.  I used HomeRight's Spray Shelter, which was also a life saver for this project.  Now, I'm a little crazy and decided to tackle this project towards the end of winter here in MN so it was still pretty chilly.  But, I caught a "warm" weekend of about 45-50 degrees, and I sprayed in my garage with space heaters.  The Spray Shelter did a great job of not getting over spray into the rest of my garage!   Kitchen Makeover - 2 I did things a little bit differently than I would have done if I took on this project during summer time. What can I say?  When I make up my mind to do something...I do it!  I borrowed a few heaters from my neighbors as it was around 45-50 degrees and I needed to bring up the temperature a little bit in the garage.  I also set up two saw horses towards the back of the Spray Shelter and covered them with a sheet.  I didn't want to get paint all over them.  You want to spray at an upright angle so paint doesn't drip and it will give you the best coverage when spraying. Be sure to move with even strokes while covering the area.  What I love about the Finish Max Sprayer is you can turn the direction of the sprayer. That worked perfectly for getting into all of the inner areas of the cabinets!  It really gave the cabinets a beautiful and complete coverage. Kitchen Makeover - 6 My husband and I had a system when spraying the cabinet doors.  Since it was a little colder than I would have liked, I sprayed two doors at a time and then my husband would take them downstairs to dry.  I laid down some tarps onto the ground and laid the cabinet doors on top of dixie cups so that they were raised off from the ground.  I then used a sharpie and frog tape and labeled each door with a number that matched the numbers on the base of the cabinets.  It's very important to organize the cabinets with a numbering system otherwise you will put a wrong door in the the wrong spot. Kitchen Makeover - 3Kitchen Makeover - 4Kitchen Makeover - 7 I sprayed two coats of primer on each side....starting with the backside, and then sprayed two coats of paint.  I realized it needed two coats of primer because after one coat it had some staining and spots showing through the primer coat. I sanded the doors very thoroughly but you never know what might be on cabinet doors if you have an older house.  Our house was built in 1991 and I'm sure the cabinets weren't cleaned very often.  I hand painted the base of the cabinets and sprayed all of the doors and I couldn't be happier with the beautiful outcome! It looks like a professional came in and painted my kitchen for me!  I got the professional look for a fraction of the price! :) 160224 ruthie Kitchen0824160224 ruthie Kitchen0835160224 ruthie Kitchen0854160224 ruthie Kitchen0861160224 ruthie Kitchen0862 Thank you so much to Laura at HomeRight for all of your coordination throughout this project and thank you to David for taking the beautiful finished product photos! Thank you to HomeRight for supplying the spray tent and Finish Max Sprayer which helped make this project the success it was!  I would love for you to head on over to Refashionably Late for many more projects about furniture flipping and house renovations!  A Successful Thanksgiving! 21  

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