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Ashley Phipps
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Project Steps

How to Paint your Room like a Pro When the weather turns cold, I get itching to update my interior spaces! I have slowly been working on creating my dream craft room and one of the things I recently did in there was to paint it! I found the perfect shade of gray and just love how it turned out. But I will be honest, I contemplated hiring the painting portion out. Seriously! At the time I was overwhelmed and had a lot going on but after getting a quote I realized that it was ridiculous to pay someone to do something that I really could do! And I know that if I did it myself, I would be happy with the job that was done and I would save a lot of money! So if you have an upcoming painting project, don't hire it out! You can really do it yourself and you can achieve professional results too with a few tips and tricks! Today I am excited to share my tips for how to paint your room like a pro!

How to paint like a pro

My office was previously painted a tan color. It is pretty. But I was ready for a change. I was ready for GRAY! Here is what it looked like before...

Simply Designing craft room before

I decided to use Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray paint for the space. It is a light gray color that is very neutral and it lets the room feel light and airy still. And then I got to work!

How to Paint your Room like a Pro

The key to painting your room like a pro begins with having the right tools!

Paint and PaintStick

To paint my room, I used my HomeRight Mini PaintStick handle with my EZ-Twist PaintStick Frame. Using the regular sized PaintStick or the EZ-Twist PaintStick would work great for this too! For some reason I find the mini a little easier for me to use so I actually use it a lot, but the larger size handle does hold more paint. You will want to have a new paint roller on this to begin your project. I also used a high quality 2" beveled paint brush and a teeny tiny artist's paint brush too. I bought a disposable paint cup to hold paint in while I was edging. I love using disposable containers for my paint so that I don't have a lot of clean up afterwards.

How to paint a room like a pro

Once you have the right tools you are ready to get to work! You will want to begin by prepping your walls. Make sure they are clean, free from oils and dry before painting. Remove any furniture, fixtures and light switch covers that you can. Painting goes so much faster if you remove everything you can from the walls before you begin to paint. And make sure to patch any areas of your wall that may need to be patched too! Then you will want to stir your paint well. Very well. It can often take a few minutes of stirring your paint to truly get it mixed all the way. After your paint is properly mixed, you can begin to paint! It is completely up to you if you prefer to edge first or edge last. Either way really works. And if you happen to have a friend who is able to help you paint the room, one of you can edge while the other paints the larger areas and the job will go twice as fast! For this project I began by painting the big areas of my wall first with my PaintStick. I love using the PaintStick because I can suck the paint up right into the PaintStick handle and then it dispenses directly onto the paint roller and onto the walls. I don't have to worry about paint dripping and it always applies smoothly. After you have a first coat on your walls, you can move on to edging. Let me state that if you have a steady hand, you do not have to tape. You can if you like, but I actually think it is easier to just be careful. Also using the right tools will help! When edging, don't put too much paint on your brush, use an angled brush to help you get in the corners. And use small artists paint brushes to get into really small areas and tight spaces. This is actually a trick a friend showed me, those small bristle brushes are perfect for getting into tight corners or around built-ins. And it is such an amazing trick, it really gives your walls a professionally painted look and it such a simple and easy trick! Let your paint dry completely and then give your walls a second coat of paint. Most paint will look great and cover existing paint in two coats! You do not need to use a primer unless you have a very bold or dark color you are trying to cover up, or you are painting new drywall. A high quality paint, with proper application should give you a finished look in only two coats of paint. And if you follow all of those tips, I promise your room will look amazing! Your newly painted walls will look at least as good as (if not better than) a professional! And just for fun, here are a few after photos so you can see how my office turned out!

Paint a room like a pro

Paint your room like a pro

Eek! I just love how it turned out!! Do you have any rooms you plan to paint soon?

Ashely - Simply Designing

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