How to Paint Metal Patio Furniture
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Abby DeHart
Friday, May 10, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • Rustoleum Ultra Cover Outdoor Paint in black (3-4 cans depending on the size of your project)
  • Sand Paper
  • HomeRight Spray Shelter
  • Drop clothes
  • Wet and Dry Rags

Project Steps


Today I want to show you guys how to paint metal patio furniture for this patio furniture makeover project I did using my HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer!

Step 1

Start by cleaning your furniture off really good. We sprayed all the cobwebs off, got out a rag, and really gave it a good wipe down, careful to remove all the dirt and grime.

Step 2

Once all washed off, we took the sand paper and gently sanded the places where the paint was lifting up so that they were nice and smooth. We did not rough up the furniture since most of the paint was still in tact. I dried all the furniture off, then one by one I placed my patio chairs into my HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter in my garage and got to spraying.

I used Rustoleum's Ultra Cover Paint in Black Semi-Gloss from Home Depot. I didn't have to thin out the paint at all, which was good. I held the paint sprayer about a foot from the chairs and started painting back and forth, then I'd turn the chair and get the side, and then the next side until completely covered.

Step 3

The paint dries very quickly, so by the time I was done painting all four chairs and the table, the first chair was completely dried. I sprayed all the furniture with two thick coats of paint just to be sure to protect it.

Step 4

For the table, I placed inside of the spray shelter and painted one side, let it dry. Then painted the next, let it dry, until all four sides were painted. The table definitely took the most time, but made the biggest difference!

Step 5

I let dry inside of my garage overnight and then the next day I bought some new cushions and a new umbrella from At Home store. I just LOVE how the new set turned out. It's so modern and fresh looking vs. the old, dull tan color with brown cushions that it used to be!

Get step by step instructions on "How to Makeover Metal Patio Furniture" with just a little paint, the HomeRight Super Max Paint Sprayer, and new cushions!

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