How To Paint Trim Without Brush Marks
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Gail Wilson
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Baseboard/ Trim
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush (to clean up paint can when pouring paint)
  • Sandpaper
  • Sawhorses
  • Ladder
  • Super Finish Max
  • Tarp

Project Steps


DIY and home improvement can be such a huge task.  Painting 110’ of baseboard and 166’ of quarter round could have taken hours had I done it by hand. Using the Finish Max Super makes this job go so much faster and easier, and the great finish with no brush strokes is a bonus!

Step 1

Gather your supplies listed above. Buying pre-primed molding will cut down on your painting and drying time. I have guidelines for painting in cold weather, and this day fell right in the correct zone. 

Step 2

Examine your baseboard and quarter round for any blemishes. The baseboard was in great shape but apparently the quarter round was primed in rough shape.  A quick sanding of these areas and you’re on your way.

Step 3

Choose the correct nozzle for the job at hand. For this project, the green nozzle, (2.0mm) was used to  allow sufficient paint to pass, and give the perfect finish on the baseboard using semi-gloss paint. 

Step 4

Laying the baseboard molding on sawhorses will allow you to get better coverage. A plastic tarp will protect the surface below, although overspray is very minimal.

Step 5

Prepare your area to allow your massive amount of baseboard molding to dry. A work table and a large a-frame ladder worked perfectly for this huge job.

Step 6

Organize quarter round so that it is all facing the same way. Spray with a horizontal pattern on the front side, then move to the back side and continue spraying in the same horizontal pattern.  Allow all baseboard pieces to dry before spraying a second coat. 

Need more DIY inspiration? Check out this great post on "How to Lay Laminate Floating Floors".

This job was so amazingly fast and easy. This baseboard trim would be difficult to paint with a roller because of the profile, and a brush would take forever to paint and dry.

With the light coats, the paint dries so fast and cures in record time. Two light coats will give you complete coverage on this pre-primed baseboard. Actual spray time on the first coat of all of this baseboard and quarter round was 18 minutes. Cleaning the Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer in between coats is not necessary if proper precautions are taken such as brushing the nozzle clean, and storing the sprayer out of direct sun (especially in hot weather).

Home Improvement Project: Paint Your Home's Trim Without Brush Marks by Using a Paint Sprayer

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