How to Protect Your Outdoor Structures & Furniture
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Larissa Haynes
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max Extra with Blue Tip
  • Exterior Protectant (like Thompson's WaterSeal)
  • Respirator
  • Eye /Hearing Protection

Project Steps


Often times we spend much time and money building or purchasing items for our outdoors, but skip the step of protecting those investments. When it comes to your garden shed, fences, or patio furntiure, it only takes a few minutes of your time to add longevity and value by protecting them.  Today, I'm sharing how we built our lean-to bike/garden shed out of cedar and then took steps to protect it.

Step 1

Our family of 8 has several bikes and not a proper place to store them (I know we're not alone. ahem). We had a spot on the side of our house that used to have a trash can shed that eventually fell apart after it's 50 year stent. Since we already had the space, we decided to replace the shed with a taller one using the same footprint as before. (footprint being that we were going to build the base the same size as the previous shed, which keeps us within local code). This was our current state of using a tarp to try to protect our bikes. Not the best use of space, is it?

Step 2

First, we began by attaching a frame to the existing exterior wall of our home. For the full details of our budget-friendly build and plans, plus a video demonstration of the build, head HERE. Once the frame was installed for the back, we added the two side walls that we had preassembled. Notice our siding is made out of cedar fence pickets- an affordable alternative to cedar siding.

Step 3

Next, we attached our front header, our roof frame, and then the cedar shake roof. All of this was done fairly easy, especially when you have the right tools. 

Step 4

Once we had the structure built, it was time to add our doors. We chose to make the doors a bi-fold design so that the weight would be evenly distributed as well as less-obstructive to our walkway. First we assembled the doors to make sure the hinges and hardware lined up. Then, we took them apart and hung one section at a time. Here is one set attached, beginning with frame-mounted door, then adding the second panel. Taking those steps made installation a breeze.

Step 5

Last, but not least, it's time for some fun! As I mentioned, we spent time and money installing our shed, so it would be a shame to not do something to protect it, right? Cedar is a natural all-weather wood that ages well, but it can use a helping hand too. We don't mind that the wood will naturally gray over time, so we chose to use a clear product made by Thompson's WaterSeal.

There are many stain options available as well. Also, because we have had enormous amounts of rain with flooding in our area, we had to get our job done quickly so that it could cure for the required 24 hours. The best way to do that is use the HomeRight Super Finish Max Sprayer. You can see my video demo of how to set it up and use it to protect your outdoor furniture in this video HERE.

Step 6

The Super Finish Max allowed me to get the one coat I needed on in less than 10 minutes...10 MINUTES! You seriously can't beat how quick and awesome this tool can make your DIY projects. For this instance, I chose to use the black nozzle and blue tip and followed manufacturer instructions on how to apply it. Thankfully only one coat is needed since rain was coming soon. I am singing that little ditty..."rain, rain, go away..."

Step 7

And yes...the sprayer even worked on my cedar shake shingles. You can use it for your siding and fencing too! Imagine having to brush the sealant on all those crevices {{shudder}}.

Step 8

Now our DIY shed is complete and ready to withstand all that our four season weather throws our way. Yay! All 7 of our bikes plus helmets and extra toys are neatly tucked away and affords easy access to what we need. The bonus is that it didn't break the bank or take longer than 3 days to assemble and complete.

Step 9

We hope you enjoyed not only seeing the transformation of our outdoor storage, but also are encouraged to maintain your outdoor structures (sheds, furniture, fences, etc). It really is easy with the right tools. Feel free to ask any questions. Also, I invite you to come over to my blog, Prodigal Pieces, for more DIY tutorials and projects to help make your house your home. Until next time!

Use a HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer to easily seal and protect your exterior wood furniture, shed or other wood structure.

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