How to Quickly Clean a Fridge
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Rachel Teodoro
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Project Steps

It's easy to forget to clean your fridge. We often go a couple of months without cleaning it before we realize it's overdue! Rachel Teodoro is the same way, but she recently used the SteamMachine 53 to have a sparkling, clean fridge in just 15 minutes.

Steam Cleaning a Fridge in Under 15 Minutes

Here's a quick overview on how to clean your fridge fast: 

1. Remove everything

2. Start with the hard stuff

3. Get in the cracks

4. Wipe it down

5. Set a timer

6. Clean the contents

7. Wipe down the outside

Chemical free way to clean a fridge

There are many reasons why the SteamMachine 53 is the perfect tool for this job. This steamer uses nothing but high temperature steam to blast away gunk and grime in your fridge. Since it's chemical free, you won't have to worry about harmful chemicals being around your food! 

Best way to clean a dirty fridge without using chemicals

Head to the Rachel Teodoro blog for the full details on how she got the job done. 

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