How to Remove Wallpaper with Steam
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Charlotte Smith
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Project Steps

Removing wallpaper can be a pain. Charlotte from At Charlotte's House talks in this video about the required tools for removing wallpaper which includes a steamer, distilled water and a scraper. To start fill the SteamMachine with distilled water, she used 3 cups to fill the steamer. Charlotte used the wallpaper attachment to remove wallpaper for this project. A bonus is you can use the SteamMachine for chemical free cleaning when you are done with the wallpaper removal. The SteamMachine is a great tool for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen floors and numerous other cleaning projects around the home.  Next she turned on the steamer and waited for the orange light to turn on, once the orange light turns off you are ready to work. The SteamMachine will operate for approximately 35-40 minutes with one full tank. 

Charlotte found that the top layer of the wallpaper peeled off easily without steam. The steamer was extremely useful in removing the glue layer of wallpaper underneath the wallpaper. The first pull of the handle produces some condensation build-up; this water comes out of the wallpaper plate quickly. The water can be useful in softening the wallpaper glue layer, however you may want to lay a towel on the floor to soak up the excess water. Once the wallpaper glue layer is wet and steamed, use a scraper tool to easily scrap away the glue layer. Once all the wallpaper and glue is removed you will want to clean the walls with a white vinegar and water mixture, which will ensure all the adhesive is removed. Charlotte uses the HomeRight SteamMachine to remove wallpaper from her bathroom walls quickly and only with one tank of water in the SteamMachine. Charlotte isn't sure what she would have done without the SteamMachine for this project, the steamer was extremely helpful.

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