How to Safely Sanitize Dog Toys, Bowls and Accessories With the HomeRight Steam Cleaner
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Skaie Knox
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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How to Safely Sanitize Dog Toys, Bowls and Accessories With the HomeRight Steam Cleaner

Written & Photographed by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

 How to clean pet toys and bedding

Bear-Bear somehow contracted a bacterial infection this week and it wasn’t pretty.

I’m talking both sight and smell...wooh!

My husband and I suddenly felt like we had a newborn baby in the house and, as non-parents, experienced a tinge of poopy-diaper empathy. 

Yech! But, still...poor puppy. 

Yep. It was everywhere - his blankets, the kitchen floor, even on his favorite doggie toy. I knew it was time to sanitize everything they “own”, so out came the HomeRight SteamMachine!

Using a SteamMachine Steam Cleaner to Safely Clean and Sanitize Pet Accessories 

This midget-sized machine is incredibly versatile for so many home tasks and uses 55 psi of pressure to bring up to 290°F of steam to thoroughly clean and sanitize. It’s so important to keep our pet’s toys, bowls and accessories clean, especially when they’ve been sick. Note: I’m a bit concerned this might have attributed to him getting sick in the first place.  

Now, we have peace of mind that our doggie’s toys, bowls and accessories are sanitized, the entire house smell nice, especially my craft room where I and my pups spend the majority of our day. Hop on over to HomeJelly to see how I recently sorted and pulled together this space and how you, too, can organize your craft room with these 5 must-haves

I did also want to mention, that while Bear-Bear was sick, he did get a little “puppy-poopie” on Klunkers’ dog bed. After that, Klunkers wouldn’t go back onto it! I thought for sure we were going to need to buy him a new one - and they are not cheap!

Low and behold, after I steam cleaned both their beds, Klunkers went back on it! Hurray! It actually took him a few moments via treats to coax him to use it again, but now, he’s sleeping away on his beddy-bye!

Here’s what you do: 

Step #1: Brush off, wash out or vacuum dirt and debris. For rubber toys (like Kongs), you may need to soak them in warm soapy water, using dish soap. Note: for tough, stuck on food in Kongs, use a bottle brush to thoroughly clean.

Best way to clean and sanitize dog toys

Learn how to vacuum and clean a dog bed without throwing it in the washing machine

Step #2: Steam clean your doggie toys, bowls, beds and crates. Simply attach the straight adapter to the end of the trigger section, then attach the nylon brush for easy cleaning. Note: this is especially handy for crates and automatic water or food feeders that you cannot easily wash in the sink or dishwasher. CAUTION: just be sure to UNPLUG any doggie devices before steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning dog chew toys for chemical free sanitizing

Best way to clean a dog or cat crate

Step #3: Allow to dry. Lay out items in the sun for approximately 2 hours or wipe dry crates and bowls.

Using a Steam Cleaner to Sanitize Pet Toys

SAFETY NOTE: you should regularly examine your pet’s toys for cracks, separations and/or missing pieces (specifically, torn plushies with plastic squeaky pods). Loose pieces and pods larger than a food nugget can be harmful if swallowed, so be sure to remove or replace them when damaged or worn.

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Safely clean and sanitize your pet accessories by using chemical free steam

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