How to Spring Clean a Vehicle
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Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • AutoRight SteamMachine or HomeRight SteamMachine
  • Microfiber Rags

Project Steps


After this harsh Minnesota winter, my minivan needed a deep cleaning. Never mind the fact that after this major spring cleaning on the minivan it snowed about 6 inches two days later. It still feels good to start the spring fresh with a clean vehicle.

Step 1

First, I poured distilled water into the AutoRight SteamMachine and pressed the black button to let it heat up. It took about 8 minutes for the steamer to heat up. While the SteamMachine was heating up, I used that time to clean out all of the trash from my van. I also pull all the all-weather mats from the van so that they would be easier to clean.

Step 2

I took out the Shop Vac and vacuumed the entire vehicle. Once the vacuuming was done I went to town with the SteamMachine and an old microfiber rag. I would steam, then wipe, and follow this process throughout the vehicle. I even used the SteamMachine to get the stuck on gross gunk removed from the all-weather mats.

Step 3

Once I steam cleaned the entire minivan and all the mats I placed the mats back in the minivan and put the car seats back into the van. The SteamMachine worked great for getting that stuck on salt and grime from the winter out of the vehicle. I will definitely be using this machine again on the next major minivan cleaning.

Cleaning your car can be tough, especially if you live in Minnesota! Luckily, I had the AutoRight SteamMachine to help make my minivan sparkle again. 


How to spring clean a messy car with the auto right auto care steam cleaning tool


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