How to Stain and Whitewash an Advent Calendar Ladder
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Katy Lyle
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max
  • Medium Spray Shelter
  • TurnTable
  • Stain
  • Rag or Towel
  • White Acrylic paint
  • Unfinished Wood Advent Calendar Ladder

Project Steps

DIY Holiday Advent Calendar Made with the Super Finish Max and Medium Spray Shelter

With Christmas right around the corner I wanted a new Advent Calendar to help celebrate the holidays with my kids. I fell in love with a high end Advent Calendar Ladder from a couple years ago, but the price was too high plus it's no longer available. So, why not make one!

wooden advent calendar 

You can get all the details on how I built the Advent Calendar Ladder here, but for this project I decided to cut the wood and finish it before building the ladder. Here's how I stained & whitewashed my advent calendar ladder.

First things first, I setup my absolute favorite spray tent, the Medium Spray Shelter! Then I prepped my Super Finish Max Extra HVLP Paint Sprayer (you can find the classic version HERE) with a weathered stain. I made sure to use the blue spray tip, but always make sure to reference the instructions on what spray tip is best for your project.

Super Finish Max and Medium Spray Shelter

Stain used in Super Finish Max paint sprayer 

For this project I also used HomeRight's Turn Table for Paint Spraying. Besides the spray shelter, this is the next best tool when it comes to painting.

Next, I setup a couple pieces of the ladder at a time and started lightly spraying the stain. I then wiped the excess stain off and I set the pieces aside to dry. The stain I used darkens as it dries, so I only applied 1 coat.

Plain wood stained with a paint sprayer 

Allow the wood to fully dry, then come back to apply the whitewash. For the whitewash you'll need to mix about 1 part white acrylic paint with 2 parts water. If this was a larger project you could also use your Super Finish Max Sprayer, but since it was a smaller project I simply brushed on the whitewash and then quickly wiped it off with a rag.

Plain wood with whitewash effect 

Whitewash vs. stain   

Depending on how diluted the white paint is, 1 coat should be plenty. After all the pieces were whitewashed I assembled the Ladder. Here's the after of my new Advent Calendar Ladder!

burlap holiday advent ladder calendar 

holiday decor advent calendar   

To see more on how to assemble the Advent Calendar Ladder, along with how I made the individual burlap sacks visit my blog A Shade of Teal for more information.

Plus, make sure to pick up all of HomeRight's products to help make every project easier!

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