How to Stain Outdoor Concrete Floors
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Anika Gandhi
Thursday, May 3, 2018

Project Steps

There are many ways to use stain when updating your home (both inside and outside!). You can stain your deck, stain your fence, or stain...concrete! Anika with Anika's DIY Life recently remodeled her outdoor patio by staining her concrete floor with the StainStick and QuickPainter. The results are stunning! 

Staining a concrete floor with the StainStick

The steps to complete this project are simple:

1) Anika started by cleaning her concrete with a pressure washer and filling cracks with premixed concrete.

2) Next, Anika used Etch to provide the concrete with a chemical clean.

3) She used the QuickPainter to easily paint the edges of the concrete and to lay down straight, perfect lines of stain.

painting concrete with the quick painter painting tool

4) Finally, she brought out the StainStick to have the concrete stained in no time! The StainStick holds material directly in the handle, meaning you don't have to constantly go back and forth to your can to refill on stain. Anika allowed the stain to dry for four days and then it was ready to go!

Staining a concrete floor with the StainStick 

For more details on this project, head to Anika's blog or watch the video below!

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