How to Steam Clean a Suit using the SteamMachine Plus by Simply Designing
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Ashley Phipps
Friday, July 24, 2015

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July 24, 2015

Ashley from Simply Designing found a great new use for the SteamMachine Plus steamer. She uses it to steam clean her husband's suit between visits to the dry cleaner. This is just one of the many uses she has found for the steamer. Using the steamer as an alternative to dry cleaning can stretch out the length between dry cleaning visits and saves money in the long run. For details on how to steam clean a suit visit Simply Designing blog. Disclaimer: be careful about what type of fabric you use a steamer on.  Steamers should work for most clothing items, curtains and furniture, check tags to ensure the steam or heat won’t ruin items! 

Ashley from Simply Designing is a HomeRight Brand Ambassador. You can see her other HomeRight projects on her brand page on our web site

Simply DesigningBefore and after

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