How to Steam Clean Your Shower
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Rachel Teodoro
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine

Project Steps


Mold and mildew, soap scum and hard water stains, these are problems most households run into in their bathroom at least every once in a while. The bathroom can be a hot humid space.  Factor in soaps, shampoos and other body products and you have a recipe for a hard to clean area. It's why I love using my SteamMachine to clean my space. I've found that using steam is one of the most efficient ways to clean my shower and bath. The SteamMachine's temperature is a high enough temperature to remove dirt, soap scum and mold from those hard to reach areas in your shower. Not only that, it sanitizes the surface as well.

Step 1

If you look closely, you will see that I am using the AutoRight SteamMachine in my house. My shower isn't my car (though that might be convenient on long carpool days!) but the AutoRight SteamMachine doesn't know that! It works just as well inside as it does on the nooks and cranies of my car. 

Start by selecting the attachments you will need. I used the large nylon brush, microfiber cleaning towel, squeege, and jet nozzle. All of them come standard (plus more!) with the AutoRight SteamMachine.  I love that the AutoRight has a nice little storage area for all of them inside so that everything is kept together. I might have a small problem of losing things and I have yet to misplace a single attachment for this baby. The AutoRight SteamMachine has a 40-ounce tank that provides 35-40 minutes worth of steam cleaning power! Fill it with water and plug your device in. It will take around 8 minutes for your machine to build pressure and heat. A light will turn on when it's ready. 

Step 2

The first area that needed some attention was the top of my shower. I noticed that the porous tile had started to grow mold. We do live in a high humidity area and we like warm showers.  I used the jet nozzle to prep the work area in my shower. I sprayed every inch of the shower, starting with the moldy area to release the dirt and grime from the wall. This isn't necessary, but I wanted to make sure the mold was gone before I moved on.

Step 3

I switched to the large nylon brush and used the brush to work the mold out of the dips and holes that you find naturally in the stone that's in my shower. After I used the brush, I followed it by using the microfiber towel and simply wiped the mold away. No scrubbing and no harsh chemicals were needed.

Step 4

The track on the edge of the shower collects water and grows soap scum. I used the large nylon brush to easily wipe away the built up gunk. If you look closely (please no judgement!), you can see that the left of the brush is clean and shiny and the area below the brush is still covered.  Can this be the part of the post where I tell you that the bathroom cleaning has been delegated as a chore to my kids? I obviously need to take it back over or give them a refresher course on how to clean the shower.

Step 5

After cleaning the tile and the tracks in the shower with the jet nozzle and then the large nylon brush, I switched to the squeege. I love how easy it is to wash windows and glass with the squuege attachement. Don't forget to do the inside and the outside of the glass. 

Step 6

I also used the squeege attachement to clean the rest of the tile on the shower walls.                                                                               

Step 7

At this point, you are going to look down in diguist at your shower floor. The place that you go to in order to get clean is dripping in brown grime and you wonder how you could be such a filthy beast. I use the squeege tool on the floor to bring all that dirt and grime and wave goodbye to it down the shower drain. After you do this, you can wipe down all the surfaces of your shower with your microfiber towel. 

Step 8

Your clean shower will feel so shiny and new when you are finished. Every single time I get my AutoRight SteamMachine, I always find another area to move on to in my house to clean. I honestly can't believe how easy it is to use the SteamMachine and how many different surfaces that it cleans all without harsh chemicals. What will you clean next?

how to clean a disgusting shower by using a steammachine steam cleaner for sparkling results 


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