How to Turn a Kitchen Cabinet into an Office Storage Space
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Lindsay Eidahl
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Project Steps

Hello, HomeRight readers! It is Lindsay from My Creative Days back to share my recent trash to treasure project with you!

I have a thing for pieces that have a lot of drawers. Not only am I always searching for pieces that will add more storage in our storage-lacking home, but I love the look of many drawers or cubbies on a piece of furniture. My latest project had to do with a tall cabinet pulled out from an old kitchen in a house. I laughed when I saw it in the thrift store because the person that dropped it off left the tall piece of wood from the wall it was on on the back of it. 

Stripping paint from a kitchen cabinet with a heat gun

To be honest, I didn't even notice that at first. I saw all the drawers from a distance and hurried right over to it. It was part of a built-in because there were no sides on the back or the right side. 

Best way to strip paint from furniture

Kitchen cabinet makeover project

Again, that wasn't a big deal either because I saw all the drawers on the front. The fact that one of the legs was shorter than the others didn't even make me think twice. There was no question, this piece had to come home with me.

How to strip paint from furniture

To make this tall cabinet functional for office storage, my husband removed the tall board that was on the back. Then, he cut thin plywood to fit the side and back. Last, he cut the legs down and built a "base" at the bottom of the cabinet so it was even on all sides. 

Now, it was my turn to come in and make the cabinet beautiful again. 

There was so much paint on the cabinet that I didn't want to paint over it. I wanted to get to the raw wood to see what was underneath. Once I got a glimpse of the wood, I stripped all the paint off the tall cabinet. Now, if you think that stripping a piece of furniture is hard, you have never tried the HomeRight Heat Gun

This tool is a game-changer when it comes to removing finishes from furniture. I was so amazed at how it was working on this piece, I did a Facebook live video to show it off while we were working on it (see below!). 

The heat gun took the paint off this piece like it was nothing. 

Kitchen cabinet turned office storage space makeover project
Once I got the paint off the piece, I used my orbital sander to sand the entire piece. I was able to get the drawers down to raw wood so I stained them. Since we had to add thin plywood to some of this tall cabinet, I knew the finish would not come out the same if I stained it all. So, I painted the outer shell of the cabinet green. Once it was dry, I went over it with dark wax to deepen the color. 
DIY furniture makeover project with the homeright heat gun
The hardware was my favorite part. I knew I wanted pulls, but to make it great for office storage, I wanted to add labels too. I found pulls that had both!
Painted office cabinet furniture remodeling project
They are a bronze color and really make this tall cabinet look amazing. 
Easy furniture remodeling project for beginners
This project took me a lot longer than other projects, but it was a fun process to take it from what it was to this amazing storage for any office or any room for that matter.
Office decor on painted cabinet makeover project
Right after I got this done, I found a beautiful cabinet that was also from an old kitchen. I think I am going to sell the green cabinet and make room for the other cabinet in my office if we can.  
Here is a short video of the heat gun in action. 
Tall kitchen cabinet turned sleek office storage makeover project by my creative days

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