How to update thrifted finds with NO mess; NO hassle
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Sarah Sanders
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Small to medium thrifted or found item in need of updating
  • HomeRight small spray shelter
  • HomeRight turntable
  • Spray paint in color of choice

Project Steps


It's garage sale season and you're going to see TONS of uniquely shaped items - planters, vases, bowls, pitchers, etc. that have a great shape to them and *could* be really pretty, if it weren't for their ugly color. Don't pass them up! The HomeRight small spray shelter and the brand-new turntable makes updating these things a piece of cake. In under 5 minutes, take those pieces from blah to beautiful! And the best part of all?? If you use the small spray shelter and turntable, you can do it all with NO MESS. *Insert happy dance here*. :D 

Step 1

Find a piece that has a fun shape and/or texture and ignore the color. All you're looking for here is shape and form. :) You can find pieces that are perfect for this project at lots of places - garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops, even your grandma's basement. Have fun with the process and look for those cast-aside items in which other people can't see the potential. These are your target pieces. You're about to turn them into something beautiful...

Step 2

Set up your HomeRight small spray shelter (ignore the gold spray paint from previous projects). ;) I just set mine up on a piece of plywood over a couple sawhorses - no need to be fancy-schmancy. Grab your turntable and plop it down in the middle of your shelter. You're ready to get down to business. Let the fun begin!

Step 3

Place your item of choice on your turntable (you can see that I've used mine a few times already - I had to make sure I really loved it before I shared it with you) ;)

Now - Spray away!!

homeright turntable in use

No more waiting to turn your piece. No more paint-y fingers from trying to move and adjust as you spray. The shelter keeps all the paint contained, and the turntable allows you to go the *whole* way around in one pass! In under 2 minutes, you've got your first coat of paint DONE. And depending on your paint, you might not even need a second coat! Can you imagine?? A complete update on a piece in less than 2 minutes! The hard part now is going to be waiting for it to dry. :D

quick and easy thrifted planter update

Step 4

Since that was so quick and easy, let's grab another piece and do the same thing! (ok, fine - maybe wait just long enough for the first piece to dry enough so you can move it to finish drying somewhere else).

update thrift store finds quickly and easily

Repeat the above steps with your next piece. Of course, if you're impatient and have lots of pieces to update, you could have multiple turntables on hand. Not only is the turntable great for getting a coat done in one pass, it also allows you to easily (and with no mess!) move your project out of the shelter so you can use it for your next project! 

Step 5

Once your pieces are dry, you can fill them with whatever your heart desires. I made a quick trip down to a local greenhouse and found some fun succulents and "fairy garden" plants. They will sit here in my office and bring a fun pop of green to this room - a simple update with such long-lasting, smile-inducing results. :)

upcycled planter on display

succulents in thrifted planter

But honestly, your options are limited only by your imagination. Depending on your piece, you could do so many things - let your imagination run wild! 

For lots more inspiration and budget-friendly ideas for your home, hop on over to 1915 House, where I blog about creating a beautiful home on a shoestring budget. Stop by and say hi - I'd love to meet you there.

And don't forget! Keep your eyes peeled for those funky pieces with great shapes while you're out thrifting this summer. :)

You've got this.

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