How To Use The HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist
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Lindsay Eidahl
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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Hello, HomeRight Readers! This is Lindsay from My Creative Days here to share with you "How To Use The HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist". 

Each year, after I put all of the holiday decor away, I go through this big organizing binge in our home. No closets, drawers or rooms are safe. There is something about having the Christmas clutter away and living in a simple, uncluttered home that motivates me to organize every nook and cranny. 

Along with organizing, I also start planning projects and makeovers in our home for the new year. I think the cabin fever starts to settle in during January and February and since I can't get out and work on smaller projects in the garage, our home becomes my canvas for all of the pent-up creative juices during the winter months. This can be a good thing and a not-so-good thing.  

Our first makeover for the new year is our lower-level family room. When we moved into this house, we added the built-ins and new carpet and have painted the walls a few different colors over the years. This winter, my husband and I really wanted to lighten the space with a new paint color on the walls.  

After much back and forth, I decided on the color "Gatherings" from Magnolia Home Paint from Kilz. We wanted to lighten the room, but I didn't want it a stark, white space. I wanted some color and "Gatherings" is a great mix of color and light that I was looking for.

painting your home with the paintstick ez twist

Now, I can tell you that we have painted every wall in every room of our home at least 3 or 4 times. I know that may seem crazy, but we get bored easily and when we don't have flip house projects keeping us busy, paint is the least expensive way for us to make a change. 

With all of that painting, we needed to find a way to make the process easier and quicker. We found that in the HomeRight EZ-Twist PaintStick. We can have an entire room done in no time with this tool.

The fact that we can load the EZ-Twist PaintStick with paint instead of having to use a paint tray saves us so much time when we paint. You wouldn't think that it would make that big of a difference, but it truly does. We had two coats on our family room walls in one afternoon! Now, that is a time frame I can work with!

The HomeRight EZ-Twist PaintStick is so easy to use. 

First, put together the roller with the shield. Then, put the roller onto the long handle.

paintstick ez twist assembled

Then, stir your gallon of paint and put the "suction part" into the can of paint. It has a clip to make sure it stays on the paint can.

Next, attach the end of the paint stick into the suction tool.

Now, you are ready to fill the EZ-Twist PaintStick with paint. Pull on the end of the EZ-Twist PaintStick and watch the paint fill inside.


Once the EZ-Twist PaintStick is full, you are ready to paint. It takes a couple of rolls on the surface you are painting to get the paint through the roller, but once you get it started, you are set to go.


My husband does all the rolling when we paint and I do all the trim work. Of course, when we work together like that, the process goes faster, but when he is using the HomeRight EZ-TwistPaintStick, he is usually waiting on me to get the trim done before we can do the second coat. It is that fast! 



 We love the plastic guard that comes with this EZ-Twist PaintStick too. Not only does it help with paint splatters, but it also protects the ceilings and other "transition" areas that you aren't painting.



If you are looking for a tool to make all of your painting projects faster and easier, look no further. The HomeRight EZ-Twist PaintStick has what you need. You will be amazed by how much time you save by not having to reload your roller all the time. 


I am so excited to have our family room painted so I can start the fun part of redecorating it! To follow along with the makeover, head over to My Creative Days







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