Keep bacteria, toxins and dirt at bay this winter
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine
  • Microfiber Cloths

Project Steps


Shoes bring lots of dirt, bacteria and toxins into a home, especially during the winter months, and more so if you live in a snowy area. This might be why so many Midwesterners insist taking off shoes at the door. They don't want all that dirt, bacteria and the chemicals from snow removal brought into their homes. If you live in warmer climates, it’s still wise to still remove shoes at the door to control pollutants like dust, allergens and molds. Check out this article that gives you 6 reasons to remove your shoes inside.  If removing shoes isn't currently your policy, or maybe you aren't really consistent about it, we have three ways that you can disinfect the flooring in your home if shoes have entered this space.

Step 1

Carpet: use the HomeRight SteamMachine to lift grime and bacteria from carpeting. The steam from the SteamMachine will bring the dirt and pollutants to the surface. Then simply vacuum the area as a final step to remove the dirt and debris. For stains in carpet, work the steamer over the spot and then blot the carpet surface with a rag to lift  the stain.

Step 2

Hard Floor Surfaces: The SteamMachine works great for removing dirt, grime and bacteria from hard floor surfaces like sealed hardwood and tile. The SteamMachine is a natural way to clean using just water, leaving behind no chemical residue.

Step 3

Area Rugs: If you have rugs or area rugs by your door, the SteamMachine is a great way to clean these without having to pay the high prices of a dry cleaner. The SteamMachine lifts the dirt and grime so you can use a cloth or vacuum to remove the remainder left behind. 

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